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WØJH 2004
OXB Special Install
2018 WØTBC Memorial Award-NØDRX
May 14th Fox Hunt! What Fun!
Split Rock Lighthouse 2012
Release to Listen Award 2013
Fitzgerald Crew 2012
Split Rock 2013
The Joe Simonet WØTBC Memorial Award

Signals February 2013

 SARA 2013 Officers Elected 

The club’s annual election, as required by our Constitu-tion, took place at the January 12 meeting. Newly elected officers include president Peter Howard (NØGRM), secretary Jim Feesl (WØELC) each elected for a one year term, and director Dave Glas (WØOXB) for a two year term. SARA’s treasurer Shel Mann (NØDRX) and vice president Joe Heitzinger (KCØOIO) are returning for another year of fun and adventure. Director Bob Jensen (WØGAF) will serve the second of his two year term. The club trustee is an appointed position as chosen by the club officers at January’s Board Meeting. Trustee Shel (NØDRX) was reappointed unanimously.

Please welcome SARA’s new leadership team and offer your support. And, let’s not forget to give a BIG TNX to outgoing president Keith Miller (AGØH) and secretary Stan Leeson (AEØSL)!

TNX guys, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

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