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Special Events – Online QSL’s


Ice-olation Special Event

WØJH operating February 19-21, 2022

QSL Confirmations Only To: IceStation2022@radioham.org

No QSL Cards or postal requests please. Confirmation Certificates will be by email only!

Normally members of the Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA), would operate this event from a frozen lake. Due to Covid and the need for social distancing, we have to alter our event again this year. We hope to return to operating from a frozen lake next year. While we are not in complete “isolation” due to Covid, we are based in MN where there is plenty of “ice” and we tend to become somewhat isolated during our winter months, so will be attempting to generate enough RF, to help shorten our winter. For the event this year, we will be using a distributive operating system. Several club members will be operating portable from their own QTH, including one operating portable VE3. All will be using the WØJH club call, and logs will also be uploaded to LoTW.

While the majority of our contacts are expected to be on SSB, where we intend to be ~3.860, 7.260, 14.260, and 21.360 + or – depending upon band conditions; we also hope to have significant digital activity primarily on FT8 and hopefully some on CW as well.

Please use the below QSL confirmation process only. No QSL Cards or other postal requests please. Confirmation certificates will be by email only to: IceStation2022@radioham.org 

No need to include signal reports with your confirmation request, as what is in our log is what will appear on your certificate, however you must include:

Your Call Sign
* Date of QSO (UTC date)
* Time of QSO (UTC time)
* Band or Frequency
* Mode

Any email received without the above information may be returned for clarification or discarded. No QSL Cards or postal requests please. You will receive an auto-reply when submitting your email request to let you know your request was received, but does not imply that your contact is confirmed. The above email address is for this event only and please submit promptly as this email will be deactivated approximately 45 days after conclusion of the event. Submit confirmation requests promptly as late certificate requests will likely not be honored. Initial confirmation certificates are expected to be sent approximately 30 days after conclusion of the event. Questions may be sent to: Trustee@radioham.org



October 29 – 31, 2021


The Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA) will be operating to commemorate the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Using the club’s call sign, WØJH SARA members will operate once again from Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. This year marks the 46th anniversary of the ship’s mysterious sinking and our seventeenth year of operating this Special Event.

Join us in Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew by making contact with WØJH!

WØJH Operating Schedule 

Friday, Oct. 29  approx. 2:00 PM-4:30 PM CDT ( 1900 – 2130 UTC) expect 40M 7.260 MHz first.

Saturday, Oct. 30 & Sunday, Oct. 31  10:00 am – 5:55 pm (CDT) (1500 – 2255 UTC)

Frequencies of Operation

SSB: 3.860, 7.260, 14.255, 21.360

Midwest/local stations should look for us on the 75m and 40m bands in the early morning and late afternoon.

While there will be no CW operation from within the park, some of our club members are not be able to participate from the state park site, so we anticipate some off-site “distributive” digital and CW operation. For CW, look ~3.560, 7.050, 14.050, 18.080, & 21.060MHz. Digital modes may include FT-8 and PSK-31. Digital operations from Split Rock are anticipated as well.

All WØJH stations will be operating the Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald event, and verified contacts will receive the same basic certificate, but separate logs will be maintained. Only the SSB and digital contacts made with stations actually in the park, will be eligible for ARLHS or POTA credit.

Don’t forget to request an electronic QSL certificate:

Send an email request to: SplitRock2021@radioham.org with the following information:

No need to include signal reports with your confirmation request, as what is in our log is what will appear on your certificate. We will be pretty much logging in contest mode which would give you a max report if we get you in our log. Our operators will be glad to give you an actual on-air report, but that is not what will likely be in our log. Your request however must include:

* Your Call Sign as well as which or our stations you worked
* Date of QSO (UTC date)
* Time of QSO (UTC time)
* Band or Frequency
* Mode
* The email ADDRESS  where you would like the certificate sent

Certificate requests from SWL stations should include the call sign of at least one station we were in contact with as well as which of our stations they heard during the time you are claiming having heard WØJH or WØF during this event as well as a brief synopsis of the conversation you heard.

—>  Any email received without the above information will be returned for clarification.  <—

No QSL Cards or other postal requests please.

Certificates for valid contacts will be sent as a pdf file to your email address beginning approximately 2 to 3 weeks following conclusion of the event.