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Field Day 2023

SARA will be calling CQ Field Day June 24 and 25, 2023 with a full “WØJH ?A MN” Field Day operation at Valley View Park in Oak Park Heights, a new, but familiar location for us.

Full details are pending.

The Park is located 5421 N Osgood Ave, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082. Field Day signage will be placed at the park entrance.

If you choose to not join us onsite, you can work from home stations again this year and submit your own logs and points to the ARRL referencing Stillwater Amateur Radio Association-MN for the compiled club score. The rule waiver allowing working other Class D and Class E stations as valid contacts in now a permanent rule change. Maximum power for ALL stations is limited to 150W. Instructions for submitting your log to to ARRL will be available here following the event.