2017 SARA Officers
AGØH 2013
2019 SARA Executive Officers
2018 WØTBC Memorial Award-NØDRX
Fitzgerald Crew 2012
Ice Station WØJH 2014
2023 Simonet Memorial Award
OXB Special Install
Ice Station WØJH 2014
SARA Work Party 2

November’s Signals From SARA is on-line now!

In this issue:

Nov 11 Meeting Notice and Program announcement

An unhole-y experience mobile installation

4 awards presented during Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Special Event Nov 4

Did you hear the WSPRs from WØJH – it was WSPRing overnite from Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Membership update – 2023 annual memberships expire 12/31, renew now.

Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald WØF continues Friday Nov 10 – you can join the fun – sign up now

Remote Base Station update for Nov 2023

WØOXB shares thoughts and an overview of the Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald  Special Event weekend