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“TMT – The Thursday Sessions” begin Thursday March 19

With the Eyeball QSO Party suspended for awhile, here’s a solution for that extra time on Thursday evenings. We’re a radio club, why not get on the radio?

Announcing “TMT – The Thursday Sessions” – with an HF afterglow.

SARA is expanding the Two Meter Tuesday round robin ragchew to Thursday evenings beginning Thursday March 19. And we’ll be adding an HF afterglow (onion rings not included) to follow.
“TMT – The Thursday Sessions” will begin at 7:00 PM on the SARA 147.060+ 026N DCS/DTCS repeater. We will run the same format as Tuesday nights, with a facilitator guiding the group around the list. There will be some sort of topic for the evening, likely a tech topic, skill builder, ham radio history, or your ham radio stories discussion.
Then at 8:00 PM the Afterglow as we roll over  to HF, on 160 meters at 1.966 +/- QRM. Pour your favorite beverage (or two – you won’t have to drive), grab some snacks, sit back and relax, enjoy the conversation amongst friends. We will look at trying other bands as the weeks progress.
Think of “TMT – The Thursday Sessions”  as the SARA QSO Party. Without the Eyeball.
The “TMT – The Thursday Sessions” will continue until we are able to resume the Eyeball QSO Party.
We’ll catch you on the air!