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SARA MONTHLY MEETING – January 13, 2018

:: Election of 2018 SARA Officers 
:: SARA White Elephant Exchange Party (SWEEP)
Besides exercising your right to vote, you won’t want to miss this year’s SWEEP!
Following the Election of Officers, we’ll host the ever-popular, always fun, White Elephant exchange.
If you need a reason to participate, consider these benefits:
  1. Clean your shack of something(s) you no longer need or want!
  2. Go home with something more useful/desirable than you started with!
  3. FUN and SURPRISES during the event are guaranteed!
  4. See who ends up with SARA’s Flying Pig!
Details & Rules:
:: Each participant brings at least one wrapped “White Elephant” gift.
This could be something you have laying around your Ham Shack that you don’t use or no longer need. If you don’t have a “White Elephant” you’re willing to part with, then buy something with a maximum value of ~$10. (Maybe take a trip to Ax-man Surplus is appropriate?!)
:: Numbers are put into a hat, equal to the number of gifts brought by members.
:: Each participant draws a number from the hat. (Those who bring more than one gift can draw as many numbers as the gifts they bring.)
:: The person with number “1” goes first.
:: The first person chooses one of the wrapped gifts and opens it.
:: The gift is described; as best as possible.
:: The person with number “2” is next and has a choice. This person can select either the unwrapped gift from the first person or – can choose to open one of the wrapped gifts.
:: If anyone has the gift they selected and unwrapped taken away from them (chosen by a subsequent participant), they can choose an unwrapped gift that someone else has (except the one taken from them) or choose one of the wrapped gifts.
:: A person cannot choose back a gift from the person who just took it from that person in that round. It is allowable to choose that gift back again in a later round.
:: The “round” continues until each person who had a gift – has a gift; exchanged or opened.
:: The person holding the next, sequential number begins the next round.
:: The exchange continues until all participants have one gift and all gifts are opened.
:: I know it’s not very likely but you may have something collecting dust in your shack that’s broken/not working and just needs a little fixing. If you’ll never get around to working on it; maybe someone else will have the time and desire to fix it.
:: We encourage you to look thru your shack for an item(s) you no longer want or need.
As a last resort, you can always let your spouse/XYL select a gift from your shack collection! Although you could lose a valuable item; you MAY earn some rare, valuable “points” with your spouse/XYL. As we all know, you can’t have too many points!!
:: There’s always a good chance to bundle numerous, small items into one gift (variety pack).
:: Don’t spend a lot of time/energy on wrapping.
Heck, you can use a paper or plastic grocery bag – or even a garbage bag for large, odd shaped items.
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73 es CUL,
Dave (WØOXB)