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BOARD MEETING MINUTES – September 8, 2021

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – September 8, 2021

Stillwater Amateur Radio Association

This was a Cisco Webex online meeting.

Roll Call of Officers – Present:  Joe KCØOIO, Dave N9JNQ, Rich ADØSN, Zack AAØU, Doug N9TOW, Shel NØDRX;  Absent:  Bob WØGAF

President: Joe KCØOIO

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm.

Secretary’s Report – Dave N9JNQ

Board and Membership Meeting minutes, including the May 2021 Board minutes, can be found posted to the club website by Dave N9JNQ.

​Treasurer’s Report – Rich ADØSN

Beginning Total Balance:   08/01/2021     $17,211.39

  • SARA

Balance:                                                   $6,004.10

Income:                                                   $60.00

Expenses:                                                $0.00

Ending Balance:      08/31/2021         $6,064.10

  • RBF

Balance:                                                 $11,207.29

Income:                                                  $600.00

Expenses:                                               $49.95

Ending Balance:    08/31/2021          $11,757.34

Ending Total Balance: 08/31/2021       $17,821.44

Rich ADØSN reports that the $60.00 income in the club account represents dues payments.  The expenses for the RBP represent the Palomar RFI Kit purchased for the Icom IC-7300 located at the W0EQO remote site.  The $600.00 income to the RBP comes from the sale by Brian N0BJE of certain equipment from the New Hams Resource loaner stockpile, in particular the Juno QRP rig and the MFJ QRP rig.  These rigs had been passed to Brian by Bob W0GAF.  The income has been earmarked to the New Hams Resource fund, which has approximately $1200.00 in it.

Trustee’s Report – Shel NØDRX

Shel NØDRX reports that he has been working on the White Rock Tri-State Special Event QSL requests.  Records reflect 173 Qs, with 67 confirmed so far, he is following up with 2 more Qs to clarify the contacts.  The QSL requests of approximately 1/3 of the Qs is on track with past special events.

Reports of Committees/Work Groups:

Website:  Collin KEØIYN & Bob WØGAF

Nothing to report at this time.

Activities & Events:  Dave WØOXB

Split Rock Lighthouse Special Event  – Dave WØOXB was not in attendance, but provided Joe KCØOIO with a note asking that a request be made as to who plans to attend the special event.  The planned event will be brought up at the upcoming Membership meeting.  Joe looked at the Split Rock Lighthouse website and noted that masks are recommended indoors at this time, but not required.

White Rock Special Event  –  Dave WØOXB reports that the QSL certificate will be completed next week.  Dave suggested that participants share their experiences and thoughts on the special event at the upcoming Membership meeting.  Dave is working on a fuel bill for his towing of the club trailer to the event.

M.A.P:  Dave WØOXB

Joe KCØOIO noted that antenna work has been quiet lately.

SARA Groups.io Forum

Joe KCØOIO reported that the forum is being used and works as it should.

New Ham Resource Group – Brian NØBJE & Mark KEØQQN

Brian NØBJE reports that the two tuners are in high demand.  Generally, all the equipment is being used at this time, including the Yaesu FT-100 HF rig.  The HTs are in and out frequently.  Brian refurbished the ladder line on one antenna, and the Group recently received a balun and unun, both of which have been checked out.  Both old and new hams have been using the resources.

Some discussion was had on whether we should institute a formal checkout process for the equipment.  It was proposed that such a list would provide members with information on what equipment is available from the NHR Group.  Brian noted that at this point most of the equipment is loaned out due to his affirmative efforts offering the equipment to members to try rather than getting cold requests.  It was suggested that, once the inventory is completed for the NHR equipment, that list could be made available to the membership via the newsletter or the website, or both.  Dave N9JNQ volunteered to write and article for the newsletter/website once the inventory is completed.

The Board thanked Brian for his proactive efforts in reaching out to the membership to provide this service.

Meetings & Programs – Joe KCØOIO

Monthly Meeting at Boutwell’s – The next four Membership Meetings are currently scheduled at Boutwell’s Landing – September 11, October 9, November 13, and December 11.  There are COVID protocols in place – we must use the main entrance, we will have our temperatures taken and will need to provide contact information.  All members should go directly to the meeting room, no wandering around the facility.  As a backup, the September meeting will be held at Autumn Hills Park if Boutwell’s becomes unavailable.  Webex/virtual meetings will be held in the alternative for other months.  Joe KCØOIO will bring a webcam for the September meeting to experiment with live-streaming the event.  The Board should consider better AV equipment if the live-streaming experience is positive.

Greg KØGW will be our October presenter, with the topic “Why I am an ARRL Member.”

Tech Topic Thursday – TTT programs are on hold until we determine a place they could be held.

Thursday Eyeball QSO Party – Joe KCØOIO reported that the outside Thursday Eyeballs in Pioneer Park, Stillwater, MN, have been successful.

Radios in the Park – The last Radios in the Park event is scheduled for September 23, to be held at Valley View Park in Oak Park Heights, MN.  Joe KCØOIO will not be in attendance.

Room Reservations – Dan KEØIYF & Shel NØDRX

Dan KEØIYF reported to Joe KCØOIO that the Stillwater Public Library has expanded its hours to 8:00 PM, and is now taking reservations for rooms 90 days out.  Dan has successfully secured the library Conference Room for our Thursday eyeballs through mid-December, beginning October 14, except for the first Thursday of each month, dates that were already reserved by others.  The current dates are: October 14, 21, 28; November 11, 18 (no eyeball on Thanksgiving, the 25th); and December 9.  Thanks to Dan for his persistence.

Education and Training – Bob WØGAF

Joe KCØOIO reports that there are six people interested in the joint SARA/SEMARC Extra Class study group, three from each club.  They are currently working on a calendar and securing a location.

Newsletter – Pat WAØTDA, Dave WØOXB

Pat WAØTDA is on vacation, but says he will have the Newsletter ready for publication tomorrow.  As always, additional authors and content is needed.

Repeater – Henry KØHAS, Shel NØDRX, Doug N9TOW

Doug N9TOW reported he needs to design an amplifier to address the problem with the YSF hotspot.

Joe KCØOIO reports that he has not been hosting the Lunch Room due to work commitments, so is not sure of its activities.  He noted that anyone can take the lead with the Lunch Room, and everyone is encourage to continue getting together with or without a host.

Remote Bases Technical Committee – Pat WAØTDA

The Icom IC-7300 is up and running at the WØEQO remote station.  Issues regarding RFI have been partially addressed – the Palomar RFI kit has been installed, and power has been reduced to 75 watts, which has addressed the problem of RFI knocking out the computer.  Joe KCØOIO noted that he addressed a similar issue at his QTH by replacing his rig-to-computer connection with a new Trip Lite cable, which may be a further suggestion for the remote station.

Unfinished Business

SARA Club Equipment Inventory – Dave N9JNQ reported that he has received inventories from Joe KCØOIO, Rick KØBR, Pat WAØTDA, and Rich ADØSN.  Joe reported that Rick is moving, so he has transferred the ballooning equipment that he had inventoried to Jim WØELC.  Discussions were had on the inventory of the trailer as it needs two or more people to do it and is most likely a days worth of work.  The earliest that it can be undertaken is mid-October with current commitments.  Dave and Rich volunteered to help with the trailer inventory.

KBØOHI equipment donation – Dave N9JNQ reported that the only item left is the MFJ low-pass filter, with no nibbles from the various for-sale websites or club members.

New Business

Wednesday Night Round Robin Ragchew – As noted above, Rick KØBR is moving out of repeater range, so no longer will be handling net control responsibilities.  The question therefore is whether we find a new net control or discontinue the net.  The suggestion was made that we reach out to other participants of the net to see if any are interested.  Otherwise, the consensus is that the net should be discontinued.

Future Board Meetings/Live or Webex – Joe KCØOIO asked whether we should re-institute having the Board meetings at the library on Thursday nights, or continue to use Webex.  The consensus was that, with the convenience of virtual meeting, along with the fact that we are paying for a Webex subscription, we should try continuing the virtual meetings.  In addition, there would be the flexibility of holding the meetings on days other than the traditional Thursday when the library room was reserved.  It was suggested that the open Thursday could then be used for a Tech Topic.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 pm on the motion of Dave N9JNQ, seconded by Zack AAØU, passed unanimously.