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Board Meeting Minutes – April 17, 2014

Stillwater Amateur Radio Association Board meeting Minutes.

April 17, 2014.

1618 Pine Street West, Stillwater; Minnesota 55082


Meeting called to order by Peter (N0GRM) at 6:00 pm.

Officers present: Peter (N0GRM), Dave (W0OXB), Dan (AD0DV), Bob (W0GAF), John (N5JLZ).

We have a quorum.


Secretary’s Report – Dan (AD0DV)

Dan reviewed past meeting minutes. Dave (W0OXB) made a motion to pass January Board Meeting Minutes, second by Dan.

Motion passes as per financial audit to double check the numbers by John.

Dave made a motion to approve February Board Meeting Minutes, seconded by Bob.

Motion passes.


Dave made a motion to approve March Board Meeting minutes, seconded by Bob as amended:

Peter will collect March General Meeting Minutes.


Board discussed procedures for amending and approving Board and General Meeting Minutes. Outcome/Plan:

  1. Secretary Dan to write draft of meeting and send to Dave (or other officer who attended meeting) for editing
  2. Draft to be in plain (unformatted) text
  3. Draft to be posted emailed to the board
  4. Deadline for changes to draft will be before next General Saturday Meeting


Treasurer’s Report – John (N5JLZ) For period of 3/1/14 – 3/31/14


Beginning balance (3/1/14):         $4,523.23


Income:                                                  $25.00

Expenses:                                           $458.85


Ending Balance (3/31/14):           $4,089.38



Activities/ Events Report – Dave (W0OXB)

General Saturday Meeting, May 10

“Show ‘n Tell” program to allow 10 – 15 minutes for anyone interested in “showing and telling” about a few ham-related items. Officers should be aware of available time and adjust their time allotment accordingly. The room should be set with tables for both the “Show ‘n Tell” and “Spring Cleaning Swap Fest”.


ARRL Annual Field Day, June 28-29

We need team leaders and key people for major activities. Henry (K0HAS) will arrange in advance to provide AGM batteries for stations. Bob (W0GAF) will organize the CW tent.

Peter and John will organize food; Peter will contact Bill (KD0OTB) to see if he can help.

Dave and Joe (KC0OIO) will plan 2 training sessions (1 each day) for newly licensed hams. (Example: Programming and operating procedures for VHF/UHF radios and one for a free roll up “J” pole antenna). Dave suggests we invite area Boy Scouts and will write/send a press release to area newspapers. Keith will be in charge of logging computers and morning coffee.  Peter will bring doughnuts for both mornings. Dave will pick up keys to park shelter on Friday.


Education and Training – Bob (W0GAF)

VE test session next Thursday (April 24) at 6:00 pm at Boutwells Landing.


Report of Special/Ad hoc Committees

Newsletter – Dave (W0OXB)

Photos and articles with photos are especially desirable. When sending articles, attach photos but do not imbed them in document. Little or no text formatting is preferred and makes newsletter production easier for Pat (WA0TDA) and Dave to publish in a timely fashion.


Unfinished Business – Peter (N0GRM)

Editing and testing of the new SARA website is underway. The launch is scheduled for May 1.


New Business – Dan & John

SARA merchandise (wearables) order has been sent to vendor. It looks like cost is about $188.00. The Treasurer will use a club credit card and handle the invoicing.



2014 Iron man bike ride April 27 from 6 am – 6 pm.



There will be a CQ magazine-sponsored Fox Hunt May 10-11 if anybody is interested call Dave.


Motion to adjourn meeting made by Peter, seconded by Dan.

Motion passes 7:42 pm.


Respectfully submitted Dan Lee (AD0DV), SARA Secretary




edited draft: Dave (W0OXB) & Keith (AG0H) 4/21/14

edited draft: Dave (W0OXB) 5/8/14