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BOARD MEETING MINUTES – December 15, 2022

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – December 15, 2022

Stillwater Amateur Radio Association

This was a Zoom online meeting.

Roll Call of Officers – Present:  Joe KCØOIO, Bob WØGAF, Zack AAØU, Shel NØDRX, Dave N9JNQ, Rich ADØSN, Brad VE3MXJ.

President: Joe KCØOIO

The meeting was called to order at 6:41 pm.

Secretary’s Report – Dave N9JNQ

The December 2022 Membership Meeting minutes are not yet completed; the November Board Meeting minutes can be found posted to the club website.

​Treasurer’s Report – Rich ADØSN

Treasurer’s report as reported for the first half of December:

Beginning Total Balance:  12/01/2022     $18,946.79

  • SARA

Balance:                                                   $6,900.96

Income:                                                   $349.00

Expenses:                                                $386.71

Ending Balance:      12/15/2022         $6,863.25

  • RBF

Balance:                                                 $12,097.34

Income:                                                  $0.00

Expenses:                                               $0.00

Ending Balance: 12/15/2022          $12,097.34

Ending Total Balance: 12/15/2022       $18,960.59

Rich ADØSN reported the following income for the SARA account:

  • Dues:                         $270.00
  • Cups and decals:     $17.00
  • 50/50 Raffle:           $31.00
  • Donation:                 $31.00

Rich reported the following expenses for the SARA account:

  • Zoom membership:          $161.71
  • Liability insurance:          $200.00
  • VE session room rental:  $25.00

Trustee’s Report – Shel NØDRX

Shel NØDRX reported that the bill for Flickr, reflected in last month’s financial report, went up from $59.99 to $71.99 for the annual account.  Shel just paid for the liability insurance through December 31, 2023.  He has also sent out a few Split Rock Special Event confirmations.

Reports of Committees/Work Groups:

Website:  Collin KEØIYN & Bob WØGAF

There has been an issue with the Special Interests area of the website.  Bob WØGAF was ale to work around the glitch for the CW study group; Collin KEØIYN will take a look at it when he has a chance.

Activities & Events:  Dave WØOXB & Bob WØGAF

Ice Station WØJH 2023 – This special event will take place February 18-20, 2023 on Lake Elmo.  Dave WØOXB suggested that the club promote the event to our newly and/or upgraded licensed hams as an opportunity to observe, log, and/or operate.  The club could use the opportunity to expose inexperienced folks to operating digital in the club trailer.

M.A.P and NHRG:  Dave WØOXB & Brian NØBJE

M.A.P. – Dave WØOXB noted that he has two categories of members in need of antenna work: 1) those who have no antenna; and 2) those who need their antennas improved and/or repaired.

NHRG – Brian KØPU noted that one of the Icom 746 radios in the loan program is in need of new antenna SO-239 connectors.  The matter will be taken up in new business.

Meetings & Programs – Joe KCØOIO

Program Planning Team – Dave N9JNQ reported that the January program will be the annual SWEEP event, and February’s program will be the presentation of the SARA POTA Challenge awards.  There are a number of possible presenters for the spring programs that are in the works; emails have been sent and awaiting replies.

It was suggested that Flex provides an online presentation of its products; Dave indicated he would contact them.  It was suggested that a possible program could be a swap meet of good equipment as was done at one of the summer in the park events.  Also suggested was a mentors workshop, in the form of past ask-the-elmer sessions that were held in the past.  A panel of members could field questions and moderate responses from those in attendance.  Dave indicated that the Team would get together after the holidays to flesh out programs for the last three meetings of the club year.

Room Reservations – Dan KFØIYF

Bob WØGAF will work with Dan KEØIYF to schedule rooms for the annual Tech classes once dates are established.

Education and Training – Bob WØGAF

CW Training Sessions – Bob WØGAF reports that there were up to 16 members participating in the study sessions; two members have since dropped out.  The group runs the gamut from beginners to experienced CW operators.  Thanks to Brian NØBM for his input.  Two members are now planning to take the CWops training program.  There has been discussion regarding starting a CW net at slow speeds; Bob has been looking at the possibility of using Zoom for such nets if the platform is conducive to such use.  It was also suggested that the SARA repeater may be used for such a net.  Further discussions shall be had on the topic.

VE Team – Shel NØDRX

Shel NØDRX reports that there were nine folks who took exams at the VE session held November 17, 2022 at Boutwells Landing.  Eight examinees were successful.  We had the following upgrades: three Technicians; three Generals; and two Amateur Extras.  Two examinees passed two elements at the session: one passed the Technician and General elements; and one passed the General and Amateur Extra elements.  A summary will be in the nest SARA Signals Newsletter.  The next VE session will take place after the Tech Class, unless an early session is needed.

Newsletter – Pat WAØTDA, Dave WØOXB

Pat WAØTDA discussed the newsletter status at the December Membership Meeting (see minutes).

Repeater – Henry KØHAS, Shel NØDRX, Doug N9TOW

Nothing new to report at this time as the repeater is operating well.

Remote Bases Technical Committee – Pat WAØTDA

Joe KCØOIO reported that the WØEQO repeater is off the air due to issues with the laptop computer, which is being looked into.

Two Meter Tuesday – Dave WØOXB

Dave WØOXB noted the increased participation of newly-licensed hams and hams new to the net.  He has put an emphasis during his session on “ask the elmer” questions.  Dave thanked Brian KØPU for putting effort into getting more new folks on the net.  Dave N9JNQ  agreed to permanently take the third week as net control; Dave WØOXB will endeavor to secure Dave ABØR for the fifth week.

Two Meter Tuesday will be added to the monthly Board Meeting agenda for regular reports.

Unfinished Business

Budget for POTA Challenge prize swag bag – Bob WØGAF reports that the vendor for the prizes have given the club a 25% discount, so (fingers crossed) we should be able to acquire all needed prizes within the amount of money approved by the membership for the purchases.  Those who are award coffee mugs will have their call sign included on the mugs.  Bob will send the vendor the final tally of purchases the first week of January, and was assured that everything will be delivered before the February membership meeting when the presentations will be made.  Bob suggested that the prizes be sent to someone in the metro area so that there would not be any issue of getting the prizes to the meeting.

With discussion that the event will be done again for the 2023 calendar year, Bob and Brian KB9TBB have discussed other categories of competition, such as CW and digital.  Thanks to Brian for his work on this.

Brian expressed his thoughts that this event has really engaged the club and that the word should be spread how well this event has gone for SARA.  It was suggested that the POTA folks  should be notified, and that perhaps ARRL local newsletters may be interested in this activity.  Brad VE3MXJ said he would put the word out to local clubs in his area.

Thanks to both Bob and Brian for all their efforts that have made the POTA Challenge a success.

New Business

2023 Officers – Joe KCØOIO stated that at the December Membership Meeting it was suggested that the unopposed officers be elected at that meeting by unanimous consent.  A subsequent review of the SARA constitution and Bylaws notes that officers must be elected at the January Membership Meeting.

The nominees are:

  • President:  Joe KCØOIO
  • Vice-President:  Bob WØGAF
  • Secretary:  Dave N9JNQ
  • Treasurer:  Rich ADØSN
  • Director ’23-’24
    • Brian KØPU
    • Zack AAØU

Discussion was had on how to proceed with the election.  It was agreed that some sort of electronic voting should be implemented.  It has been used in the past by the club, including during Covid.  It was agreed that electronic voting would be consistent with the controlling terms of the SARA Constitution.  Joe indicated he would put together a proposed ballot using Survey Monkey for the Board’s consideration.  Joe proposed closing the Survey Monkey voting by the Thursday before the Membership Meeting Saturday.  Anyone at the meeting who has not had the opportunity to vote electronically can vote at the meeting.

Complimentary Associate Memberships for 2023 – Joe KCØOIO asked the board to consider granting an Associate Membership to the SEMARC President.

Bob WØGAF moved that associate membership for the year 2023 be granted to the SEMARC President, whomever that may be.  Brad VE3MXJ seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Repair Work on NHRG Icom 746– As noted above, Brian KØPU reported that one of the two Icom 746 radios that are in the loaner program has two of the three SO-239 connectors not working.  The radio has two HF connectors and one VHF connector.  Brian asked the Board to consider having the radio transported to Gary Grivna for repairs that would include replacing all three of the connectors.  Dave WØOXB stated that Gary always puts rigs he is repairing through a general operation test before working on them to obtain a status quo of the operating ability of the rig.  It was noted that there is a surplus of funds designated to the NHRG in the SARA treasury.

Dave N9JNQ made a motion that Brian inquire with Gary as to the cost of replacement of the connectors and the cost of any additional repairs needed after Gary as tested the rig and, at his discretion, have the rig repaired if warranted.  Brad VE3MXJ seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Estate of Ray KØZZT (SK)– Dave WØOXB has been contacted by the widow of Ray KØZZT (SK) about liquidating his shack.  Two members of the Board have agreed to assist Dave in this endeavor.  Dave will report back.

Brad VE3MXJ made a motion to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by Bob WØGAF; the motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 PM.