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President Peter Howard NØGRM called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Our Secretary, Dan Lee ADØDV, was not present and no minutes were taken.  These minutes are being prepared from the slide presentation that guided the meeting and comments prepared from memory by Keith Miller AGØH and Dave Glas WØOXB.

Treasurer John Zuercher N5JLZ reported the following:  We had a beginning balance of $4508.28 on 2/1/2014.  He received $20 for dues as income and paid $5. for room rental with and ending balance on 2/28/2014 of $4523.23.

President Howard NØGRM also reported that Director Bob Jensen WØGAF was also not present but Bob gave him the following info:  A successful Skywarn Class was held.  Attendance was somewhat lower than last year, probably due to the weather.  Technician Classes will begin soon as well as a concurrent Extra Class study session to be hosted by Vice President Joe Heitzinger KCØOIO.

Activities Chair/Director Dave Glas WØOXB reported the following:

  • Thursday Night Eye Ball QSO Parties are informal gatherings of members to discuss Amateur Radio-related topics. Attendees need not be SARA members. We are always looking for topics that people would like to discuss. When there are learning opportunities we feel that would benefit a variety/majority of members, we will send advance notice to members via e-mail broadcasts. Please let any club officer know if you’d like something discussed.
  • 160m & 75m Round-Robin Rag Chews (informal format; all hams welcome)

1.903 MHz (+/- ~10 kHz) 8:00 – 9:00 pm local time EACH evening (not Tuesdays & Thursdays)

3.857 MHz (+/- ~10 kHz) 8:30 – 9:30 am local time Monday mornings

(Don’t be afraid to turn the “big knob” on your radio to find us if we QSY due to QRM!)

  • The MAP (Member Assistance Program) is intended for SARA members and Handihams who need help. Contact OXB Dave or any club officer to discuss the scope of potential MAP work. SARA volunteers will do what’s reasonably possible to assist those needing ham-related QTH or vehicle assistance (e.g., setting up radio gear, computer/digital operation, antennas, mobile installations, etc.)

Director Joe Heitzinger KCØOIO briefly mentioned that he is hosting an FLDIGI Net on Sunday evenings.  The schedule as reported is:

Digi Net – Sunday evenings – 7:00 CST

  •  3.582.15Mhz – USB – BPSK63

President Howard NØGRM also reminded the members of the Club’s 2 meter net that is held every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. by member Rick Brennan KØBR:

  •  2m check-in 147.06Mhz  / +offset tone 114.8hz

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 a.m.

Mike Paskeuric NØODK presented an excellent program on his DX trip to Vietnam.  It was well received by the members.


APPROVED:  April 17, 2014