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Winpack  Packet  Terminal  Program

The Winpack terminal program is a nice Windows program that is easy to set up and use and a big improvement over Hyperterminal and the older DOS based programs such as Pacterm.

Go to web site www.winpack.org.uk. Download the latest version 6.8. Install the program and start. It may say there are no tnc’s connected, but just go past there or ignore. When loaded, drag the icon onto the desktop. Start the program and go to options munu and Personal/BBS. Put in your call and any other info you want. The call is the important item.

At this point, you can setup to run either via radio and tnc or via telnet over the internet. You cannot do both. However, you can set up the program twice in two different directories and run one on the radio and one on telnet, but only one at a time.

To set up on the radio, go to options and comm setup. Input the baud rate that is usually 9600 and the comm port that is usually com1. Then put the cursor in the bottom transmit line. Turn on the tnc. You should see a sign on message followed by a cmd:. If the tnc was on, a control C will bring up the cmd:. The program is now ready to change parameters in the tnc or make connections.

To set up on the intenet via telnet, go to options and comm setup. In the lower right under host mode, chose ‘telnet’ instead of the default ‘none’. Then make sure you are connected to the internet via DSL, cable, or dialup, go to the bottom transmit line, and type ‘c n0mr-gw.ampr.org:23’ to connect to the N0MR gateway packet station.

Jerry, NØMR