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Ice-olation Station WØJH Special Event – Feb. 13-14-15. 2021



Due to pandemic-related health & safety consdierations, The Ice Station WØJH has become the Ice-olation Station WØJH Special Event. Utilizing a distributed operating model, SARA members will be on the air from home stations rather than out on the frozen lake.

Dates / Times / Schedule:

February 13, 14, 15, 2021 (Presidents’ Day weekend)
~1400 until ~2300 UTC
Frequencies: 3.860, 7.260, 14.260, 21.360, 28.360 MHz (Depending on propagation & time of day)
:: Tune +/– 20 kHz if QRM
:: SSB
:: Digital – FT8 is being used as well.

To request a certificate (to be sent via email only); send an email with the following contact information to:


* Your Call Sign
* Date of QSO
* Time of QSO (in UTC time)
* Band/Frequency
* Mode
* RST you received in the QSO
* The email ADDRESS where you would like the certificate sent if different from the email your request is from.

Any email received without the above information will be returned for clarification.

Please do not send QSL Cards or other postal requests!

Certificates for valid contacts will be sent as a pdf file to your email address beginning approximately 2 to 3 weeks following conclusion of the event.