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(Second Edition – Available For FREE!!!). Yes, that is right!

From Bruce K7UA:

Four years ago I wrote a series of short articles for our local DX club that came together as the “New DXer’s Handbook.” Much to my surprise it has turned into a fairly big thing with thousands of copies of it out in the world. It was translated into other languages too. The original has become out dated and wasn’t written for a broad audience in the first place.

I am retired now and I had some time to improve it. It is now available for download in the revised second edition. It is still free of charge as my gift to the world’s new DXers. I will now be hosting it on my own Web site (which just came online January 11th, 2015):

I have four overseas hams that have asked to translate it into their own languages and those versions will also be on my site when they are completed.

Note:  SARA member/DX Chair Mike Paskeuric, NØODK sent us the above information.  We wrote Bryce Anderson to ask him if we could post a link to his website for the manual. He  wrote back , “I would be honored.”   Thanks Bryce for the FB manual!