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Ice Station WØJH 2014

Presentation on Analog/Digital SSTV

On 2/13, Mike Knox WAØKKE and Keith Miller AGØH presented a Power Point program to SARA members on Analog (MMSSTV) and EasyPal Digital Slow Scan TV.  If you would like to see the Power Point slides, you can view them here:  SSTV Presentation.

Due to Murphy’s Law, we were unable to demonstrate a program on the web which displays Amateur SSTV digital pics from around the world in almost real time.  If you have a Windows machine, you can get the program by searching in Google or Bing for ‘Digisites’.  Click on the W3WVG listing for that name and you’ll find the free Digisites program that you can download and install.  This program will run without any connection to your transceiver.  It also works well with EasyPal.

The SSTV presentation can be downloaded from Mike’s website at www.qsl.net/wa0kke


Keith – AGØH