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Saturday, May 11 Meeting Program: “Be Prepared” 

Remember the Boy Scout motto?! This month’s pro-gram will greatly help us hams do just that.

Joe (KCØOIO) & Henry (KØHAS) are going to take us thru most of the key aspects of Emergen-cy Preparedness. These guys are experts with years of practice and ac-tual experience. (Since experts are better appre-ciated when they’re fur-ther than 10 miles from their QTH, both Joe and Henry are billed as extra special experts.)

We guarantee you’ll come away from the meeting with a better appreciation for what YOU can do to be prepared for emergency communications operation.

  • What you can do to prepare for power outages?
  • How to ready your QTH and gear for an emergency?
  • Are you sure you know the proper way to maintain your nice gas generator?
  • And, how about charging those batteries you have?

When it comes to actual emergencies, are you REALLY ready for “the big one” or are you like many of us who sit fat, dumb and happy thinking we’re ready – when we aren’t?!

(Note: No disrespect to anyone, but if you’re overweight and/or lack knowledge, it’s really up to YOU to develop your own improvement program!)

According to Joe, who’s been involved with emergency communications operation for quite some time, “If your station isn’t operational when you need it, it won’t be of benefit to anyone – and all your training won’t matter.”

This is NOT a discussion that outlines how you should operate during activation of ARES, RACES or other emergency assistance group. You won’t learn about the National Incident Management System or operating protocol. But you will learn what you can do BEFORE the “stuff hits the fan!”

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