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 Timewave and Ham Radio Deluxe 

Randy Gawtry (KØCBH), president of Timewave Technology, Inc., will be our guest speaker at the club’s March 9 meeting. A ham since 1960, many of you know of his St. Paul-based company and have probably bumped into Randy at local ham events. In addition to gear for Ama-teur Radio, Timewave manufactures instrumentation and communications devices for the industrial and government markets. In late 2011, Randy acquired the popular software many hams use today; Ham Radio Deluxe with Digital Master.

So, exactly what is Ham Radio Deluxe? Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is an integrated suite of software products for amateur radio. The five modules in the suite provide rig control, logging, digital communications, satellite tracking and rotator control. Digital Master, also known as DM-780, provides the most popular sound card digital modes with direct integration to Ham Radio Deluxe.

Randy is coming to our meeting to tell us all we ever wanted to know about HRD. So, come listen and learn. Bring any questions and comments you may have.

As an added bonus to SARA and its members, Randy is donating a complete HRD/DM software program! It will be raffled at the meeting!! We understand Randy is also offering a special “SARA discount” to all club members. Members will enjoy a 10% discount on the HRD/DM program for one month!

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