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Signals from SARA arrives just before it’s summer break

The May 2022 issue of Signals from SARA has arrived, just ahead of it’s annual summer break. In this issue:

“A Year at the South Pole” will be May meeting program. Steve KAØOBI shares his experience as station manager at the Amundson-Scott South Pole Station, where it’s a really long day followed by an equally long night!

“It’s a Big Wide World of Ham Radio Out There …” Pat WAØTDA shares some observations from over the years since he was first licensed.

It’s New Ham Night May 12 at Valley View Park in Oak Park Heights.

April 28th VE Session Report from Shel NØDRX

Our President share some “Bandwidth” highlighting our summer plans with “Summer in the Parks” including outdoor Thursday Eyeball QSO parties every week, SARA POTA Activity Day Saturday June 11, Field Day 2022 and more.  Take a peek at his portable HF kit as well.

and a Remote Base Station update.