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Signals April 2013

April Program – Batteries 

SARA member Skip Jackson (KSØJ) will be presenting at our April meeting. Skip, a source of all kinds of useful as-well-as historical information, will talk about something we all use every day and seldom think much about: batteries. Skip plans to cover some interesting history and trivia of the battery from the Baghdad battery to the present time. He’ll then transition to battery importance for Amateur Radio.

And, as the ARRL Minnesota Section Manager, Skip will report on section news, events, statistics and much more.

FYI: Skip started out as a Novice in 1955 with call, KNØDYQ. It was this interest in radio and electronics that encouraged him to become a technician, electrical engineer and manager at 3M. Retired for over a dozen years, he’s been very active in Amateur Radio and especially involved in working with radio clubs. Skip was elected in 2004 as ARRL Minnesota section manager in a close-fought (dog-eat-dog!) election. He’s remained our section manager ever since.

Skip maintains a supplemental Minnesota Section web site you can easily access from the ARRL web site.

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