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November’s Signals From SARA is out, early!

The November 2017 issue of the Signals from SARA has been released, just ahead of the Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Special Event Weekend. A tip of the SARA cap to editor Pat WAØTDA for a fine job getting this issue out on a short timeline.

In this issue:

Did you hear about the Amateur Radio in the International Space Station (ARISS) contact from John H. Glenn Middle School in Maplewood back in February? If you haven’t, don’t miss the November SARA meeting. John KØJDD will share an inside look at what it took and how it went.

SARA History looks back at the VE Team. Bill VE3XT shares a CW DX story that will give you a chuckle. And Pat WAØTDA wraps up his look back over 50 years of operating in 50 Over.

For our blind readers, the following link is a text file in RTF that should work with your reader: Signals_11_17_TEXT