2023 Simonet Memorial Award
May 14th Fox Hunt! What Fun!
2018 WØTBC Memorial Award-NØDRX
Fitzgerald Crew 2011
Split Rock 2013
Split Rock Lighthouse 2012
2017 SARA Officers
Release to Listen Award 2013
SARA Field Day 2011
2014 SARA Officers

March Signals a fresh newsletter from SARA

What’s in it?

An introduction to Rob Sherwood NCØB, who will be our special guest for the March Meeting. Don’t miss his presentation “Transceiver Performance and Selection of a New Radio”, it’s sure to be interesting!

SARA celebrates the POTA Challenge 2022 with awards and prizes!

An “aeronautical mobile” QSO to the Ice Station WØJH with the pilot Airbus A320 35,000 feet over El Paso, TX – read about from the pilot’s point of view!

“How’d it go, Ice Station WØJH?” WØOXB shares the word.

Band noise comparisons between the Remote Base Stations in Woodbury and Park Rapids.

The editor asks “What does ChatGPT think about logging contacts?” Read the answer…