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The Joe Simonet WØTBC Memorial Award
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SARA Work Party 3

A packed Signals from SARA for March!

A jam-packed March 2019 edition of Signals from SARA is available now for downloading. In this issue:

  • Amateur Radio Operating Roundtable will be the highlight of the March 9th meeting
  • WØOXB Release to Listen Award moves to a new home
  • 2 reports on the 2019 Ice Station WØJH special event Feb 16 thru 18
  • “Bandwidth” shares the expanded initiatives to engage New Hams coming into the hobby; and the introduction of Win4Icom Suite for rig control to the president’s shack
  • A photo report on the 2019 SWEEP
  • The Adventures of WØPIGG – where will he appear this year?
  • Introducing the New Ham Resource Team and a special e-mail address for New Ham Help
  • All that snow is creating problems for a pair of antennas at the WØZSW Remote Base site in the Twin Cities while WØEQO up north keeps rolling along.
  • Washington County ARES® EC John KAØHYR updates the coming activities for the WashCo ARES team. And it’s not to early to prep for possible service related to expected spring flooding!

Download your copy now!


For those using text readers, the text-only version is here: Signals_03_19_Final