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Ice Station WØJH 2014
May 14th Fox Hunt! What Fun!
2019 SARA Executive Officers
Release to Listen Award 2013
Split Rock 2013
Fitzgerald Crew 2012
Split Rock Lighthouse 2012
WØJH 2004

March Signals a fresh newsletter from SARA

What’s in it? An introduction to Rob Sherwood NCØB, who will be our special guest for the March Meeting. Don’t miss his presentation “Transceiver Performance and Selection of a New Radio”, it’s sure to be interesting! SARA celebrates the POTA Challenge 2022 with awards and prizes! An “aeronautical mobile” QSO to the Ice Station WØJH […]

February’s Signals from SARA drops

The February 2023 Signals from SARA has dropped. In this issue: SARA’s POTA Challenge 2022 Awards Ceremony is during the Feb 11 monthly meeting Bandwidth is pre-empted with a POTA activator’s report on activating 35 parks in 2022. A blast from the past from the Signals archive is a reprise of an article from 2006 […]

2023 brings a fresh issue of Signals From SARA

The January 2023 issue of Signals from SARA has been published! Thanks to Pat WAØTDA and Dave WØOXB for their efforts again this month. In this issue: The SARA White Elephant Exchange Party is January 14 SARA’s president shares a look back over the years as he enters his 9th term in office in “Bandwidth […]

December’s Signals from SARA available

The December 2022 rolling off the digital press now! In this issue: Take a journey through ham radio behind a key with Lionel N5LB Bandwidth reflects on SARA’s 2022 A membership update from NØDRX Why operate special events? See the report and comments from the Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Special Event Ice Station WØJH coming […]

November 2023 Signals from SARA is online

In This Issue: Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park highlights and photos 2023 Membership update Windy City Legends – Part 2 Remote Bases Status report for November  

Signals from SARA for October 2022

The October edition of Signals from SARA has been completed and is now available for your reading pleasure. In this issue: “Learning Morse Code” to be meeting program Bandwidth from the President relates his September POTA experiences. “Windy City Legend” Randy KDØVKB tells how he acquired two Hallicrafters legends. General License classes of to a […]

Signals from SARA returns from summer break

Well-rested after the summer break, the Signals from SARA staff has prepared another fine newsletter. In this issue: Randy KDØVKB travels back to the Bicentennial year and finds a ham shack First SARA POTA Activity Day report from Brian KB9TBB SARA President Joe KCØOIO shares some Bandwidth General License Study Class begins September 22 SARA […]

Signals from SARA arrives just before it’s summer break

The May 2022 issue of Signals from SARA has arrived, just ahead of it’s annual summer break. In this issue: “A Year at the South Pole” will be May meeting program. Steve KAØOBI shares his experience as station manager at the Amundson-Scott South Pole Station, where it’s a really long day followed by an equally […]

April 2022 “Signals from SARA”

Signals from SARA is available now for your reading pleasure. In this issue: SARA’s POTA Challenge is off to a great start – learn more at the monthly meeting Saturday April 9. WØOXB on Digital? SWEEP well attended. Upcoming VE Session FCC license fee effective April 19 Handihams 55th Anniversary Special Event Remote Base Update […]

Signals from SARA for March 2022 is posted

The March 2022 edition of “Signals From SARA” is complete and ready for your reading enjoyment. In this issue: We’re back to the hybrid in-person/online monthly meeting March 12 with the twice postponed SWEEP on tap. SARA POTA challenges nears the end of the 1st quarter Ice-olation Station WØJH stats and stories A tribute to […]