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Thanksgiving Day Evening Turkey-trotting Gobbler Round-table Sessions (TGRS)

If you’ve had your fill of turkey, in-laws, relatives (including weird Uncle Wilbur) and other stuff going on Thursday evening; maybe join us on the air.
Thanksgiving – Thursday, Nov. 23
7:30 pm CST:  12m, 24.955 MHz 
7:45 CST:  15m, 21.316
8:00 CST:  75m, 3.816
8:30 CST:  160m, 1.966 
All frequencies are +/- ~10 kHz
(You may need to use that “big knob” on your radio to find us.)
If you get lost, give a holler on the SARA repeater 147.060+ (114.8 Hz TX Tone).


We’ll remain on each band as listed or QSY depending on local coverage/propagation.
We’ll continue as long as we wish (special overtime rate applies!) – or until the pumpkin pie, ice cream or other dessert treats are in order.
Burping, hacking, coughing, sneezing and other operator bodily noises are impolite and frowned upon during “key down” on-air sessions. However, when “tastefully executed” – burping will be excused on Thanksgiving!