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SARA’s Saturday April 14 Meeting Cancelled!

We are cancelling the April meeting of the Stillwater Amateur Radio Association on account of the winter storm

warning and expected weather and road conditions tomorrow. We’d rather have you all home safe than trying to get to a meeting that while important, is really about our shared hobby. (and the Stillwater Perkins is closed for remodeling this week!)

Now, in lieu of our regular meeting, we will have a “Get On The Air Meeting” beginning about 9:15 AM. Here’s how we’ll do it. There will be 2 ban

ds used, 75 meters and 2 meters. Those with capabilities to get on 75 meters, we’ll meet at 3.856 +/- QRM. If you can’t get on HF in general, or 75-meters due to antenna issues, we will be on the SARA repeater at 147.060 +Offset 114.8 Tone on your transmit. WØOXB will facilitate cross band relays so that all can hear the full gathering. We have a couple of questions to pose during the course of the gathering to keep things interesting.

So, instead of heading to Perkins and Boutwells, grab some breakfast and coffee or hot cocoa or orange juice or milk, head to your shack, warm up the radios and join us for SARA’s GOTAM Get on the Air Meeting Saturday April 14 at 9:15 AM 75 meters at 3.856 or 2 meters on the SARA repeater!