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Ice Station WØJH 2014
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SARA This Week: May 10 – May 16

SARA’s on-air activities continue to be a great way with others and check on their wellness as well as a boost of your own overall wellness. Those on-air activities provide healthy social contact while maintaining personal distancing.
A Field Day planning session is on the schedule for this Wednesday May 13 via our Webex video conference room. Field Day will have a different look and feel this year, as we are planning that we will not be gathering as a club at Autumn Hills Park due to the many concerns surrounding COVID-19. As such, we do have plans to encourage individuals to grasp the true meaning of Field Day by operating on their own, while presenting opportunities for friendly competition with each other within the club. We’re also looking at some inter-club challenges with some of our neighboring clubs. Join us at 7:30 PM Thursday evening to learn more and help lay the groundwork for SARA’s “distributed” Field Day.
Webex meeting details for both virtual gatherings will be sent to SARA members in the next day or so. They will be under a different name as we transition to an official SARA Webex room.
  • 1. SARA HF Digital Net Sunday May 10
    • Time: 19:00 Central (00:00 UTC)
    • Frequency:  3.584.15 USB Look for the net up 500-1000 Hz +/- on your waterfall.
    • Mode: Thor16 (NCS will transmit RSID, be sure to have RxID enabled)
    • NCS:  KCØOIO
    • NCS and others participating in the Digi Net monitor the SARA repeater 147.060+ DCS/DCTS 026 Normal during the net to provide assistance as needed. NOTE: The SARA HF Digital Net will continue through may 17th, then will go into summer hiatus until October.


  • 2. SARA Top Band Ragchew
    • Nightly
    • Time: 20:00 Central (01:00 UTC)
    • Frequency:  1.966 LSB +/- QRM


  • 3. SARA Monday Morning Ragchew May 11
    • Time: 08:15 Central (13:15 UTC)
    • Frequency:  3.856 LSB +/- QRM


  • 4. The Lunch Room
    • Daily (Monday thru Friday for sure, but jump on Saturday and Sunday if you want)
    • Time: 12:00 Central 
    • SARA Repeater 147.060+ MHz (DCS/DTCS 026 Normal)
    • The Lunch Room is a weekday lunch-hour ragchew open to all amateur radio operators


  • 5. SARA Two Meter Tuesday (TMT) Round Robin Ragchew May 12
    • Time: 7:00 – ~8:00 pm (or until we finish!)
    •  SARA Repeater 147.060+ MHz (DCS/DTCS 026 Normal)
    •  The Tuesday evening on-air round robin ragchew
    •  An HF Afterglow follows on 160 meters at 1.966 MHz LSB +/- QRM


  • 6. SARA Field Day Planning Session – Wednesday May 13
    • Time 7:30 PM
    • SARA virtual group discussion via Webex video conference.


  • 7. SARA Two Meter Wednesday Round Robin Ragchew May 13
    • Time: 9:00 PM
    • SARA Repeater 147.060+ MHz (DCS/DCTS 026 Normal)
    • The Wednesday evening SARA Ragchew on the SARA repeater continues with primary host Rick KØBRThe Wednesday evening SARA Ragchew on the SARA repeater continues with primary host Rick KØBR


  • 8. SARA Two Meter Thursday Round Robin Ragchew May 14
    • Time: 7:00 PM
    • SARA Repeater 147.060+ MHz (DCS/DTCS 026 Normal)
    • The Thursday evening on-air round robin ragchew
    • The HF Afterglow beging around 8:00 PM on 160 meters at 1.966 MHz +/- QRM


  • 9. SARA :Manhattan Project” Happy Hour Virtual Eyeball QSO Party Friday May 15
    • Time: 7:30 PM
    • SARA happy hour & social gathering via Webex video conference