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SARA Digital Net returns for the season

The SARA 80-meter Digital Net returned from it’s seasonal hiatus recently. Sunday Oct 26th saw participants from the metro, North Shore, and western Wisconsin! The Net meets on Sunday evenings at 1900 hours Central on the frequency of 3582.15. Look for the net up around 1000 on your waterfall. Mode is primarily PSK63, with the Sunday after the SARA monthly meeting (2nd Saturday of the month) run in PSK31 for the KX3 fans in the group.

Please note that due to the “Remembering the Edmund FItzgerald” Special Event operation from Split Rock State Park Nov 1 & 2, there will not be a Digital Net on Nov 2nd. Be sure to look for WØJH on the waterfall running PSK31 during the Special Event. The Net be back again on Sunday Nov 9th at 1900 Central Standard Time.

73 es CU on the Waterfall,
de Joe KC0OIO