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SARA Broadcast: SARA Monthly Meeting THIS Saturday (April 12)

NO fooling, there’s a SARA meeting this Saturday, April 12. 
It’s at 9:00 am in Boutwells Landing, Auditorium A (lower level).

Following the business meeting, we’ve got a darn good, interesting program lined up. 
Keith (AGØH), Joe (KCØOIO) and Bob (WØGAF) are going to tell us about Free Digital Voice.
:: You’ll learn about some tools and techniques that will enable you to get started with digital voice.
:: We’ll look at some of the benefits digital voice can provide, some of the software and hardware required and a number of resources where you can get further info and guidance.

Heck, there may even be a demonstration of how it works!
(You can’t beat that for free!!)

Time permitting, we’ll also get to learn a bit about D-Star communications.

Hey, I almost forgot; the April issue of Signals from SARA is ready for your reading enjoyment.
I think you’ll find some meaty articles in this month’s edition. (That’s really nothing new!)

The Newsletter can be found under “News and Events”  tab

73 es CU Saturday,

Dave (WØOXB)