The Joe Simonet WØTBC Memorial Award
2018 WØTBC Memorial Award-NØDRX
2017 SARA Officers
WØJH 2004
Kilo Parks Award
SARA Work Party 3
New Radio Gear For Some SARA Members!
SARA Field Day 2011
2014 SARA Officers
2021 W0TBC Memorial Award


There have been recent upgrades to the website in preparation for adding a new membership application and renewal forms page. This includes the addition of an SSL certificate for privacy protection.  The website administrators are aware of a configuration issue with the certificate that results in visitors encountering a “Your connection is not private” message. Should you encounter this message, do not worry, there is nothing wrong with the website. You can clear the error by clicking on the “advanced” button at the bottom of the initial message, then clicking on the “Proceed to” to continue on within the website.

We are working to quickly resolve this issue.  We will implement the new membership page which allows for online submission of membership applications and renewals as well as an option to pay dues via Paypal.

Thanks for your patience.