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Going APRS! Presentation and additional information

John Dean, KØJDD, has graciously provided his presentation “Going APRS!” in PDF format. John’s presentation at our November 2015 was well received and we are pleased to make it available here.

Additional links on information provided during the presentation:

The web site for the Dire Wolf TNC/Digipeater/Igate software is  (uses sound card – no TNC required)

The web site for APRX Digipeater/Igate software is (requires external TNC)

The iOS tracker in the iTunes store was IBCNU..  I don’t see it there now?!

Ed. Note: I am providing links to other APRS IOS and Android software as well as link to some of the hardware shown during the program:


Android APRS app:

Argent Data Systems APRS hardware:

Byonics APRS hardware:

Mobilinkd TNC2 Bluetooth TNC:


73 de KC0OIO

Going APRS!