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Field Day 2019 – June 22 – 23

SARA’s Field Day 2019 will return to Autumn Hills Park in Oak Park Heights. The park is just west of Boutwells Landing at Norwich Parkway & 58th Street, south of the Oak Park Heights water tower.

We will be running at least 2 stations, with at least one on the air for the whole 24 hour operating window. The city has given permission to remain in the park after hours with no more than 6 people on site during the overnight hours. A GOTA station is also planned.

Set-up will begin Saturday morning June 22, and the on-air activities begin at 1:00 PM.

We’ll have coffee and donuts Saturday morning. A Build-your-own Burger & Brat Buffet will be available Saturday afternoon. Pop and water will be provided. An alcoholic beverage permit has been secured and you are welcome to bring your favorite adult beverage.

Field Day Coordinator Bob W0GAF still has openings for the overnight hours for both Phone and CW operators, so contact Bob at w0gaf at radioham dot org if you interested. We are limited by our agreement with the city of Oak Park Heights to 6 people in the park at any point during the overnight hours only. Any number of people can be in the park during the normal park hours of 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

All (members and non-members) are welcome to join us and encouraged to take the microphone at anytime this Field Day!