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Coming Soon! Repeater Upgrade – Completed June 11

The SARA Repeater has been upgraded to a System Fusion DR-1X. The repeater is enabled in the Automatic Mode Select (AMS) configuration. This will allow the repeater to handle both C4FM digital voice (DN) and Analog FM, although not simultaneously. A C4FM signal will put the repeater into the C4FM digital mode, and an analog FM signal will switch the repeater to Analog FM mode. Anyone using a Yaesu System Fusion radio with AMS enabled will switch to the present mode. Any analog FM radio will be able to utilize the repeater too.

The repeater change was completed Monday June 11 around 10:00 AM CDT.

As part of the upgrade, the WØJH repeater implemented DCS (Digital Coded Squelch), replacing CTCSS tones. DCS will be enabled on both the repeater receive and transmit signals. To use the new repeater, you MUST enable DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) with the code 026 (or 26N normal) encode (on your transmit) and decode (on your receive) for the SARA WØJH repeater 147.060 + offset. Be sure to your radio has DCS enabled on your receive as well as your transmit. This will keep the digital mode noise when the C4FM digital voice is use from coming through on your analog FM radio.

Please note there is no longer a courtesy beep on the repeater, and no squelch tail. Should you kerchunk the repeater, you will not hear anything back from the repeater as the DCS squelch cycles immediately. DO NOT KERCHUNK THE REPEATER!