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Stillwater Amateur Radio Association

The Membership Meeting took place at the Boutwell’s Landing meeting room, Stillwater, MN.  The meeting was live-streamed via Webex.

President:  Joe KCØOIO

The meeting was called to order at 9:23 AM. 

Joe KCØOIO welcomed all attending in person and by live-stream.  Members online introduced themselves, followed by the folks in attendance at the meeting.


Silent Key Tributes – hosted by Dave WØOXB

Dave WØOXB led an enjoyable remembrance of past SARA club members who are now silent keys, many accompanied by photographs.  Others added to the comments of tribute to the SKs.  A number of the SKs were past club presidents as well as charter members.

Those included in the tribute:  Lew ADØCK, Wayne K9MIF, Earl KAØOWY, Art KAØZHZ (past president), Jerry KBØOHI, Phil KBØTXS (TX, and an S), Mike KCØMWZ, George KDØWOA (past president), Ralph KDØDD (charter member), Bill KDØOTB (“stir the pot” Bill), Linda KEØIYG, Ken KFØCI, Orv KØYEF, Al NØDXN, Bill VE3XT (VE3MXJ’s mentor), John W3FAF (WØGAF’s CW elmer), Ed WØDIR, Geb WØGRW (WWII vet), Jack WØJEM (AGØH’s brother), Dick WØKEY, Tony WØKVO (kerosene, vinegar, and onions; first SARA education coordinator), Marv WØMGI, Tom WØMMW (WWII vet), Joe WØTBC (WWII vet, SARA founder and charter member, proud graduate of Notre Dame), Jerry WØWVO, Joe NØJOL (longtime friend of KCØOIO), Tom KD9RFJ, Tom KZØT, Ted KCØNMT, Elaine KDØHTN, Tim KBØLMX, John KØIUC, Vince WØMFK (WWII vet), Dennis KØROS (NØODK’s father), Claudine NØHQB (charter member, first club secretary, instrumental in getting SARA up and running), Tim NØMAP (Texas Timmy), Rod WØORT (early member), and Dick WØTLE.

The program concluded at 10:58 AM.

Business Session:

Joe KCØOIO then called the Business Session to order at 11:01 AM.

Secretary’s ReportDave N9JNQ

The general minutes from the Membership and Board meetings are posted on the SARA website.  Please report any corrections or additions to:

Treasurer’s Report:  Rich ADØSN

Beginning Total Balance:   010/01/2021     $17,846.89

  • SARA

Balance:                                                   $6,089.55

Income:                                                   $374.00

Expenses:                                                $331.13

Ending Balance:      09/30/2021         $6,132.42

  • RBF

Balance:                                                 $11,757.34

Income:                                                  $0.00

Expenses:                                               $0.00

Ending Balance:    10/31/2021          $11,757.34

Ending Total Balance: 10/31/2021       $17,889.76

Rich ADØSN reports that additional income in the form of dues payments has been received since the end of last month.

Activities & Events

Tech Topic Thursdays

Tech Topic Thursdays have resumed virtually via Webex on future Thursdays of the month when the club is unable to secure the Library Conference Room.  Had the first session last week.  Joe KCØOIO has made a big score and has secured Bob Heil K9EID for the December 2 session.

Board Meetings

The Board meeting will take place this coming Wednesday November 17, 2021, at 6:30 PM via Webex, which will be the norm for the foreseeable future.  Future board meetings will take place “as scheduled.”

Thursday Eyeball Sessions

The Stillwater Public Library is available for our Thursday Eyeball Sessions, other than for the first Thursday of each month as that night had already been reserved by others.  As noted above, the first Thursday will conveniently be used for our virtual Tech Topic Thursdays.  The room can only be secured three months out, so at the moment the room has been reserved for:  November 18 (no session on Thanksgiving the 25th); December 9, 16, 23, and 30.  The eyeballs run from 6:00 PM until 7:50 PM.

Special Events

Edmund Fitzgerald Special Event – Dave WØOXB reported that he is working on the QSL certificate and, when completed, will ship in on to Bob WØGAF to do his magic (if Bob’s surgically-repaired shoulder cooperates).  Shel NØDRX reports 856 Qs, which includes some dupes.  Thanks to Greg KØGW and Collin KEØIYN for the many digital contacts from their respective “distributed operations” locations.  Seventeen meters provided approximately 57% of the Qs, due to the Worldwide SSB contest clogging up the 20 meter band on the event weekend.

Ice Station Special Event – Dave WØOXB noted that we still need to coordinate with our host Dave KØAIF, but at this point the event would be tentatively scheduled for Presidents Day weekend, February 19-21, 2022.

Member Support/Assistance Initiatives:  M.A.P. & Ham Resource Group (HRG) & More

M.A.P. – Antenna raising has been quiet the last couple of months with Dave WØOXB’s out of town absence.

HRG –  Joe KCØOIO noted Brian as well has been busy with a new job and being out of town, so nothing to report. – Remember that the SARA email reflector group is now online at  This reflector is available to SARA members only, so you should apply at the site and you will be given access by the site moderator.

DX News:  Mike NØODK

As noted above, the CQ Worldwide SSB contest the weekend of October 30 – 31, 2021, caused some problems for the SARA special event, but more than 800 Qs were made, including a number of DX contacts into South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, on 10 meters.

The CQ Worldwide CW contest is scheduled for November 27-28, 2021.  The ARRL Phone Sweepstakes are scheduled for the third full weekend of November 2021.

Get the latest DX news by subscribing to the ARRL DX News  Also check out for DX.  For contests try the WA7BNM Contest Calendar

Remote Stations: Pat WAØTDA

Pat WAØTDA has a nice write-up on the status of the remote stations in the November SARA Signals Newsletter.  Everyone is encouraged to take a look at the article

Newsletter: Pat WAØTDA & Dave WØOXB

A thanks to Pat and all contributors for their hard work getting out this month’s issue.  In fact, Pat edited the newsletter while sitting in the recovery room after a recent procedure.  Talk about dedication!

We really need content from authors other than the regulars, we should not have to rely solely on the small group for material.

Club Business:

Nomination for club officers:  Nominations for club officers will be made at the December 11, 2021 membership meeting.

White Elephant Exchange:  The traditional White Elephant Exchange will take place at the December 11, 2021 membership meeting.  Dig through your shack and see what you have that needs to be moved on to a new home.  The Flying Pig has roosted in its current location long enough, here is hoping to see the pig emerge from its long COVID hibernation.

Local Activities: Joe KCØOIO noted that there is a Hams in the Park activity at Long Lake Park, New Brighten, MN, today starting at noon.  See for more details.

Wearables:  Do not forget that SARA-labeled hats, shirts, jackets, and other wearables are available from  SARA members will receive a discount on all orders.

Keith AGØH noted that SARA coffee cups are still available and to contact him at if interested.  SARA stickers are also available for purchase.

50/50 Raffle:

The sale of raffle tickets brought in $32.00.  The winner of the $16.00 was Brian NØBJE, held by Brian KB9TBB as Brian NØBJE had to leave early, who generously donated the winnings on NØBJE’s  behalf to the New Ham Resource Group.  Thank you to both Brians!

The meeting was adjourned at 11:14AM on the motion by Tom AD6QT, seconded by Mary KDØPKY, and passed unanimously.

Meeting attendance: 17 in person; 11 attending virtually via the Webex live-stream.