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Stillwater Amateur Radio Association

1618 Pine Street West

Stillwater, Minnesota 55082


President:  Joe KCØOIO

The meeting was called to order at 9:02 AM.

Secretary’s ReportCollin KEØIYN

The general meeting minutes from the March 10, 2018 meeting are posted on the website.  Please report any corrections to:  There are no notes from April due to weather cancelling the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Rich ADØSN

Beginning Balance:     3/1/2018       $2921.87

Income:                                                  $127.00

Expenses:                                               $99.24

Ending Balance:          5/1/2018     $2,949.63 (Not including RBP income/expenses)

$16,617.56 (Including RBP income/expenses)

A IC7300 was purchased used from a member, and the Flex 1500 and last 706MkIIG sold finally.

Education and Training:  Bob WØGAF

VE Session was held on April 26th at Boutwell’s Landing.  6 students tested and passed: Julie KE0ROH, Eugene KE0ROI, Rob KE0ROJ, Owen KE0ROK, Scott KE0ROL (whom also passed General), and Steve KD9KYE.  There was one upgrade to General, John KE0QBE.

New Ham Night will be held Valley View Park in Oak Park Heights for May 24th, 6-8pm.  This is in alignment with our later Radios in the Park events.

Activities & Events:  Dave WØOXB

May Board Meeting – will be held May 17th at the Stillwater Library at 6 PM.

Field Day 2018 – W0JH 2A MN will be held Saturday June 23 to Sunday June 24 at Autumn Hills Park next to Boutwell’s Landing.  The plan is for Setup at 9:00AM on Saturday, with on-air times being:

  • 1PM-9PM Saturday
  • 9AM-1PM Sunday

There will be a Phone, CW, and GOTA station.  Food is being planned by Collin KE0IYN and information will be available soon.  Field Day Chair and Station Leaders are desired and being looked for.

Radios in the Park – Radios in the Park will be held at Valley View Park in Oak Park Heights from 5:30pm – 8pm on: May 24, June 14, July 5, July 26, August 16, and September 6th.  An antenna shootout is planned for July 26th, testing the various efficacy of antennas with WSPR.

QST Articles Discussion or Tech Topics – They Eyeball QSO each 1st Thursday of the month will be a QST article discussion.  Topic coordinator is needed, and topic leaders can be any volunteer – pick a topic to learn about, study up, and lead the discussion.

Skills Sessions – A plan to use the 4th Thursday each motn to hold a skill session is being put into motion.  Anyone can suggest and lead a skills night.  May’s skill night is how to perform RF safety analysis and why to do it.

M.A.P. (Membership Assistance Program):  Dave WØOXB

The 2018 project list will be managed by Dave WØOXB and Joe KCØOIO.  This assistance program should be looked at as ‘Our Elmer Program’.  How can you as a member help your fellow members?  Each person has an expertise that can be taught to others.  The MAP program is on hold temporarily while the primary coordinator is out west.

Remote Base Project: Pat WAØTDA

Everything is up and running.  W0EQO is running well, though camping season is coming so network congestion may happen with tech happy scouts.  W0ZSW will be having a substitute antenna for a time or coming down as 4 trees on the path of the antenna are being removed or trimmed.  ETA for antenna going back up is unknown, though a substitute is being looked for.

Washington County ARES: John KAØHYR

ARES Net – going forward this will be held every 3rd Wednesday.  Feb 20th at 146.985 at 6:30 local time.

REP Drill – The REP drill schedule is changing, and the time is currently unknown.

ARES Changes – ARES is undergoing changes including national registration for ARES groups, which has been done, and a rumor of required training.  Other requirements are unknown at this time.

Members Meeting – The member’s meeting is March 12, 6:30pm at Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater.

Training – There will likely be a push to complete the online FEMA courses ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800.

IDs – New IDs will be issued this year.

SEMARC Mobile & Go Kit Picnic – It is being hosted by SEMARC on July 28.  Site to be announced; check Facebook and the website.

SARA Nets & Ragchews:

Two Meter Ragchew has had great participation with 6-12 people each time.

SARA Tuesday Round Robin Ragchew – on 12 meters at 24.955 MHz at 7PM.  At some point in the evening they may switch to 160 meters.

SARA Monday morning Round Robin Ragchew – will be meeting on 75 meters at 3.856 +/- MHz at 9 AM.

SARA Digi Net – will be on 7 PM (0000 UTC) Sunday at 3.583.15 MHz USB.  The net coordinator will email the details (mode, frequency).  Look for the net up 500-1000 on your waterfall.  This is ON HOLD for the summer!

SARA  160 meter Top Band Ragchew – is on 1.966 MHz every night at 8PM except Tuesday & Thursday.

Newsletter: Pat WAØTDA & Dave WØOXB

Thank you to Pat and Dave for getting it up.

DX News: Mike NØODK (not present)

KH1/KH7Z Baker Island – On air June 27 through July 6.

VP6D Ducie Island – October 20 through Nov 3.

CQ Worldwide WPX – CW 0000UTC May 26 to 2359UTC May 27.

WRTC 2018 – July 12-16 in Wittenberg, Germany.  IARU HP Championship 1800 UTC Saturday July 14 to 1759 UTC Sunday July 15.


Be sure to contact for all your club clothing needs.  They do a great job of personalizing hats, shirts, and jackets.


May – ARRL Dakota Division Director Matt Holden and BitX40 Showcase

Sept – Contest Station W0AIH with Paul Bittner W0AIH

Currently taking suggestions for October through May 2019.

Old Business:

The Facebook page is up.  It is titled ‘SARA – Stillwater Amateur Radio Association’.  For now, it is a closed as a group, and users must request to join to see information and postings.

A ‘Get on the Air’ meeting was held April 14, with 31 people on air and lots of positive talk and a desire for more.  Information about this meeting and the discussion can be found in the newsletter.

New Business:

SARA Repeater Changes – A Yaesu System Fusion DR1X-FR Repeater was acquired.  A member offered to underwrite the $400 cost, but additional donations have been accepted from KC0OIO, KE0IYN, KD0OTB, AD0SN, and N9TOW.  The repeater will switch to using DCS, digital coded squelch, which will help manage intermixing plaguing the north Metro area repeaters.  The Code will be 026.  This system will be Analog FM, and support Digital Voice C4FM (System Fusion).  The board will talk about a repeater fund.  The changeover will be completed by mid-June, with advance notice going out by email, the website, and Facebook group postings.  The existing repeater will be kept as a backup.  Likely there will be the addition of WIRES-X connectivity via an off-site node once the new repeater is operating satisfactorily.  It offers the ability to connect to Handihams, MN-WIS, and others WIRES-X rooms.

Good of Association:

SEMARC will hold a Saturday breakfast at 7 AM every 3rd Saturday at the North Pole restaurant in Newport.

Their regular VE Session is scheduled on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Zion Lutheran Church in Cottage Grove at 9 AM.

The SARA breakfast will continue over the summer.

HAMS in the Park – Held every 2nd Saturday at 12:00PM.  North Location – Long Lake Park 1500 Old Highway 8 in New Brighton.  South Location is Farquar Park 13266 Pilot Knob Rd in Apple Valley.  More information can be found at and Minnesota Ham Radio 147.5Mhz Group on Facebook.

Upcoming hamfests include:  Magic Tailgater – July 14th at Galilee Lutheran Church.  Chippewa Valley AR Tailgate Swapfest – July 21 in Eagles Banquest and Conference Hall in Chippewa Falls WI.  Riverland ARC Swapfest – August 4 at Onalaska Omni Center in Onalaska WI.  Brainerd Tailgate Hamfest – August 25 at Crow Wing County Fairgrounds in Brainerd MN.  And Lake Elmo Hamfest – Sept 15 at the QTH of K0IKV, 8247 27th Ave North, Lake Elmo MN.Joe, KC0OIO, is issuing a grid chase challenge to all members.  Right now #1 is KE0N, with about 445 grids logged as part of this year’s grid challenge.  FT8 is included, and there will be some sort of award possible.  Onward with the SARA IGC Challenge!

50/50:  We took in $61 and the payout pot was $30.50.

Show Us Your Shack: 

There was no photo for this month.


Program: Dakota Division Director Matt Holden K0BBC Update 7 BitX40 Builder’s Showcase.

Matt spoke with members about giving us a voice at the league with an update on actions such as the launch of a lifelong learning initiative to get and keep folks in the hobby, adjustments to the articles and bylaws, and updates to the official observer program and working with the FCC.  There was also some small information on FT8 bands harmonization, 6m worldwide harmonization, and the continuing Parity Act.

The BitX40 Builder’s Showcase had one set of parts shown and one complete build shown which was admired by all.

The program and meeting concluded at 10:52 AM.

Meeting attendance: 26