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Membership Meeting:  

The meeting started at 9 am.  The following Club Officers were present:  Peter NØGRM, Shel NØDRX, Dan ADØDV, Dave WØOXB, Joe KCØOIO,  and Bob WØGAF.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes for the December General Meeting have been posted on the web site and will stand (no corrections coming from those in attendance).  Elections will be held today.

Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning Balance 12/1/2013    $4783.21

Income:               $  145.00

Expenses:           $  300.00

Ending Balance:  12/31/2013          $ 4628.21

Training/Education:  Bob WØGAF

A Skywarn class will be held at the Stillwater Library on Saturday February 22nd 10am –  3pm.  There will be a break mid-day in the class for lunch.  You might want to bring a bag lunch as there are no machines in the library for food or drink.

SARA Technician class training starts Thursday February 27th and will run from 6pm-8pm.

George Power KØGCP stated the St. Paul Radio Club will offer General class training at the Highland Jr. High School starting on January 30th.  Pre-registration is required.  Go to www.stpaulradioclub.org for more info.

An Extra class study group will be held this year at the Stillwater Library.  Joe KCØOIO stated he would coordinate the effort.  If you’re interested, let him know by email (kc0oio@radioham.org) and he will notify you when he is going to start it.

REPEATER: Is working fine.

DIGITAL NET:  Joe KC0OIO This Sunday at 1900 hrs. on 3582.15 for PSK 31. Our repeater (147,060) will be monitored for anyone who wishes to check-in.  Also, anyone who is interested in trying out the ‘FreeDV’ software can contact Joe or Keith AGØH as they have been experimenting with it’s operation.


Ice Station “Frozen Pond” W0JH will be held the 15-16-17 of February. This will be held at Dan’s house Address; 19703 Olinda Trail North, Marine, MN 55047.  His back ‘forty’ is on 55 acre  Hay Lake.  Contact  Bob WØGAF, Joe KCØOIO, Dan ADØDV, or Dave WØOXB.

The eye-ball at the Stillwater Library has been around for 20 years now and we talk about a lot of different things. If someone has an Idea let’s get it scheduled and share with everyone.

The MAP (members assistance program) has been a great success for members needing help with antenna set up and any radio related issues. Call Dave to get on the project list. This is just another great reason to be part of our radio club.

Jerry WØMR is looking for help for the annual Bear Grease Sled Dog Race up north. The dates are Friday the 24th of January to the Wednesday the 29th January. Call Jerry or Dave if you can help out.


This February and March are short months so get your articles in early. Pat was also handed the $100 donation check in memory of Ed Lawson WØDIR (SK) for the Handihams. He mentioned the new publisher software is working great.


Joe KCØOIO announced that a Gordy Hanson has asked on behalf of the Youth and Amateur Radio Council for a donation to support their continuing effort to reach youth groups in the advancement of the amateur radio hobby.  Information on the group and their goals were on the table for anyone interested.


A motion was made for a  white ballot and seconded by Joe KCØOIO.  It passed unanimously.  The following Club officers were elected: President: Peter NØGRM, Treasurer: John N5JLZ, Vice- President: Joe KCØOIO, Secretary: Dan ADØDV, and Director 2yr. term : Bob WØGAF.   Congratulations to everyone!

Ray Hoyt KDØLPY gave a presentation of the Lo-Jack tracking system. This is a tracking device attached to medical challenged kids and adults. When activated, one is able to track them down with range finding equipment. Thanks to Ray.  It was very informative.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:57.

Respectfully submitted,


SARA Secretary



APPROVED:  February 8, 2014