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Stillwater Amateur Radio Association

1618 Pine Street West

Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

President:  Joe KCØOIO

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM, with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Joe KC0OIO noted the passing of SARA member Tim Doffing KE0LMX (SK – December 22, 2019).

Secretary’s Report:  Collin KEØIYN

The general meeting minutes from the December Membership and Board meeting are posted on the website.  Collin was thanked for his multi-year role as Secretary.

Please report any corrections to: or

Treasurer’s Report:  Rich ADØSN

Beginning Total Balance:   12/1/2019     $17,201.25

  • SARA

Balance:                                                   $2988.10

Income:                                                   $253.00

Expenses:                                                $710.03

Ending Balance:      12/31/2019         $2531.07

  • RBF

Balance:                                                 $14,213.15

Income:                                                  $0.00

Expenses:                                               $64.67

Ending Balance:    12/31/2019          $14,148.74

Ending Total Balance: 12/31/2019       $16,679.81

Expenses during this period included insurance, bookings, headsets, and a polyphaser for the repeater.

Education and Training:  Bob WØGAF

Skywarn 2020 will be held February 29th.

The first Technician Class will be held February 27th, concluding April 16.  The Technician class will take place in the Margaret Rivers Room of the Stillwater Public Library, Stillwater, MN.  Bob W0GAF stated that he will need to be creative scheduling instructors for certain topics, so all instructors should look at the teaching schedule to see which event night they will be needed.

Joe KC0OIO inquired as to whether there was any interest in an Amateur Extra study group.  Two members expressed interest.

Activities & Events:  Dave WØOXB 

Thursday Night Eyeball Sessions are held at the Stillwater Public Library at 6 PM.

The SARA Board meeting will be held at the Thursday January 16, 2020, Eyeball Session.

Tech/Skill Session Topics:

  • January 30, 2020:  A discussion of oscilloscope basics will take place facilitated by Dan KE0IYF.
  • February 20, 2020:  A discussion of Smith charts will take place facilitated by Doug N9TOW.

Ice Station W0JH Special Event

Ice station W0JH Special Event will take place Presidents’ weekend, February 15-17, 2020.  There will be two stations operating, one on the ice and one in the SARA trailer on the mainland.  All equipment must be set up and taken down each day.

This year SARA will emphasize Youth on the Air (YOTA), intending to encourage the young members of the club to observe and operate the special event stations.

Mince meat pie is planning to make a return performance, thanks once again to Dave K0AIF.

Contact Dave W0OXB for details and to provide your availability.

M.A.P. – Dave WØOXB

A future projects list is maintained by Dave WØOXB and Joe KCØOIO.  With winter comes a limited ability to perform antenna work, but it is not too early to plan ahead.  Avoid expensive prefab antennas, M.A.P. and its trusted leader assure you we can do it much cheaper.

M.A.P. is not limited to antenna-raising; if you are in need of assistance in other areas of hamming, such as Collin’s (KE0IYN) recent assistance with Signalink issues, give us a call.

Are there other things you need assistance with?  Ask.  Please let any officers know if help is needed or are willing to assist.

New Ham Help

It was noted that the KD0OTB Memorial Station has been added to the New Ham Help supplies and is available for use by members.  The station includes an Icom 718 with power supply, an MFJ 949E tuner, coax, and an antenna.  This equipment was generously bequeathed to the club by the late SARA member Bill Eggers, KD0OTB (SK).

Remote Base Project (RBP)

Pat WA0TDA reports that both of the remote stations are currently up and running.  Pat noted that the scout camp location for the remote station in Park Rapids, MN, is an improvement upon the former location.  It is currently located in the scout camp pump house.  The club is still considering new computer hardware for the running of the systems.  A discussion of the hardware search is found in the recent SARA Newsletter.

If you would like access to the remote stations, contact Pat WA0TDA.

Washington County ARES:  John KAØHYR

John KA0HYR announced that Washington County ARES has received permission for three officers accompanied by licensed amateur radio operators to have access to the Washington County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

The ARES net takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  January 15th will be the next net on 146.985- repeater at 6:30 PM.  John noted that the 2 meter repeater issue has been squared away, and it is now operational again.

The Association for Emergency Radio Organizations (AERO) will hold classes on various topics, including amateur radio communications and net control duties, in the new year.  Watch for the schedule on the AERO website, or the Washington County ARES website,, as well as for other information regarding these organizations.

Joe KC0OIO encouraged ARES to try the SARA repeater in its operations as the repeater now has a higher antenna location.

SARA Nets & Ragchews:  Joe KCØOIO & Dave W0OXB

2 meter ragchew is held every Wednesday night at 9 PM CDT.  You can find us at 147.060 MHz DCS code 026N.  Collin KE0IYN reports check-in numbers have been variable.

160 meters SARA Top Band Ragchew is at 1.966 MHz or close by depending on band conditions and interference.  They operate every night except Tuesday & Thursday at 8 PM CDT.  Dave W0OXB reported that over last month there was an average of 11.2 check-ins per day on the net.  The newly-christened Band Quality Quotient (BQQ) averaged 7.2 on a one-to-ten scale.  While the BQQ has just been initiated, Dave estimates the prior months’ BQQ was in the neighborhood of 5.

SARA Monday morning Round Robin RagChew  is operating at 3.856 MHz at 9:00 AM CDT.  Dave reported that in the past month there was an average of 7.8 check-ins per day.  The BQQ was 8.0.

The Digital Net is Sundays at 7 PM CDT.   The frequency will be 3.582.15 USB or as directed by the NCS.  The Net Coordinator will email details (mode, frequency, & NCS) on the day of the net.

Newsletter & Website:  Pat WAØTDA & Dave WØOXB

Thanks to Pat and Dave for putting together the newsletter!  Additional contributors are always needed; only four members were involved in the January newsletter.  Deadline for the next issue is January 25th.

Repeat – Contributors wanted!

 DX News:  Mike NØODK

Joe KC0OIO noted that there are a few wanted stations out there.  Check out for DX & Contest Calendar information.


SARA  wearables are available from  You can order individually just be sure to give the club name since they have all our logos prepared and on hand.

Program Schedule:

  • Feb: Hotspots (DMR, Fusion, D-Star) – Bob W0GAF
  • Mar: The Art of QSL Cards – Randy KD0VKB
  • April:  “Doing Ham Radio Safely” Roundtable – Facilitated by Joe KC0OIO.  Discussion to include climbing, RF, electrical, and site safety.

Old Business:

SARA coffee mugs are on sale for $3 each – See Keith AGØH.

The SARA Oval Sticker/Decals are on sale for $1 each or you can get the reflective one for $2 from Rich ADØSN.

Officers Elections

Nominations for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer were closed at the December 14, 2019, Membership meeting, at which time only one candidate for each of the noted offices was nominated.  The nominations were:

  • President – Joe KC0OIO
  • Vice President – Bob W0GAF
  • Secretary – Dave N9JNQ
  • Treasurer – Rich AD0SN

Nominations for Director 2020-2021 at the December 14, 2019 Membership meeting resulted in two candidates:

  • Zach AA0U
  • Doug N9TOW

Nominations for Director 2020-2021 were left open at the December 14, 2019, Membership meeting.  President Joe KC0OIO called for additional nominations, no nominations were offered and the nominations were closed.

Joe KC0OIO appointed Dave K0AIF and George K0GCP as election officers.  Ballots were passed out and collected, with results as follows:

  • President – Joe KC0OIO
  • Vice President – Bob W0GAF
  • Secretary – Dave N9JNQ
  • Treasurer – Rich AD0SN
  • Director 2020-2021 – Doug N9TOW

New Business:

Adam KE0VNY suggested as a program topic for an upcoming Membership meeting a discussion of use of MMANA antenna modeling program.  Joe KC0OIO suggested that perhaps a discussion on antenna modeling in general would be appropriate.  No action was taken on the suggestion.

Good of Association

SEMARC Meeting – The annual meeting and annual SEMARC dinner will be held at the Hastings, MN, Green Mill at 6:00 pm.  Dinner will be served at 7:00.  The price is $17.00 per person payable at the event.  The next regular member meeting is February 25th.  Location is Zion Lutheran Church, Hastings, MN, at 7:00 pm.

The SEMARC monthly breakfast is scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of the month at the North Pole Restaurant in Newport at 7:30 AM.

SEMARC’s VE session is held on the third Saturday of month (except December) at 9 AM at the Zion Lutheran Church, 8500 Hillside Trail in Cottage Grove.

50/50 Drawing:

$67 was taken in; and Tom N9ILW won $33.50.

Program – SWEEP

The Annual SARA White Elephant Exchange Program took place.  Joe, KC0OIO,  was the lucky winner who took home the flying pig, despite all efforts to do otherwise.

The program and meeting concluded at 11:10 AM.

Meeting attendance: 31