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General meeting:

The meeting started at 9:06 am. The following club officers were present: Peter NØGRM, Shel NØDRX, Dan ADØDV, Dave WØOXB, Bob WØGAF, John N5JLZ,

Secretary’s Report: Dan Lee ADØDV

General Minutes for January have been posted on the news site.   I’ve had no requests for corrections so they will stand as printed.

Treasurer’s Report: John N5JLZ

Beginning Balance:       $4628.21

Income:                                      $140.00

Expenses:                                   $259.98

Ending Balance:              $4508.23

Committee Reports

Education and Training: Bob WØGAF

Extra class license study group will meet Feb. 13 2014 at the Stillwater Library. Joe KCØOIO will be heading up first session; the volunteer schedule will be defined then. Skywarn will be held at the Stillwater Library on the Saturday the 22nd of February from 10am-3pm bring a box lunch close places to eat are not around. Tech class license instruction will start on Thursday the 27th of February at the Stillwater Library upstairs. There will be 6-8 classes.

Activities and Programs & Events: Dave WØOXB

The WØJH Ice Station event coming up the 15th and 16th at Dan’s Lake. Contact Dave, Dan or Bob if interested. The address is 19703 Olinda Tr. N,  Marine, MN 55047.

Reminder:  160 Meter Round Robin Rag Chews – 8:00 pm CST, except Tue & Thur. on 1.903. Mhz.

Digital Net – Joe KCØOIO was not present but a reminder was mentioned of the Digital Net on Sunday evenings at 7:00 p.m. The mode will start out on BPSK63 on 3.582. 15Mhz. – Upper Sideband.

Reminder:  2 Meter Net- Rick KØBR on Wednesday nights at 9:00 CST, 147.06Mhz / + offset tone 114.8hz.

Repeater Update- Henry KØHAS   Repeater is working well.

DX Update- Amsterdam Island will be active for 6 more days.

ARES/Emergency Communications- John KAØHYR March 15d  class basic emergency info. Washington Co. meeting March 3rd at the Commons.

Handihams & News Letter- Pat WAØTDA daily net 11;00    Wed. and Thur. 145.45 – 444.65. Everyone is welcome.  Also, Pat reminded the members that The Handihams operate two remote base stations.  One is  at Lake George in Minnesota and the other is run out of his house in Woodbury. Just contact Pat if you have a desire to use the remote bases.  Free software is available from the HandiHams web site for download and he encourages members to use them when needed.  The remote base sites are also accessible through Echolink (for receive only).

New Business & Special Presentations: Steve KAØOBI gave a great presentation on the life and Times of living in Antarctica. He had lived there for a year at this very remote site and worked as a station Manager.

Respectfully submitted,


SARA Secretary


APPROVED:  March 8, 2014