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December 14, 2013

Secretary’s Report: Dan Lee ADØDV was Santa Clause for a Toys for Tots event and was unable to attend.

Treasurer’s Report: Shel (N0DRX)

                                    Beginning Balance: 11-1-13   $4699.54

                                    Income:                                      $425.00

                                    Expenses:                                   $341.33

                                    Ending Balance: 11-30-13      $4783.21

Income and Expense Data:

                                                 Income:   $400.00 Dues

                                                                       25.00 Manual

                                                  Total Income $425.00

                                                 Expenses:   $20.00 Splitrock (wood)

                                                                      $225.00 Splitrock (shelter rental)

                                                                      $5.00 Stillwater Library (room rental)

                                                                       $51.33 Boutwell Appreciation (4 plants)

                                                                       $40.00 Splitrock 2013 (food)

                                               Total expenses $341.33

Committee Reports:

Education and Training: Bob (WØGAF)

SARA hosted General Licensing Class at Stillwater public Library

VE session was held on November 13th 2013 and the following students passed their exams:

  • Jim Anderson- KC9QAX

  • Jeremy Carmichael- KD0VJZ

  • Todd Henshaw – KB0UFP

  • John Kuzma – KD0WGH

Interest in Extra Classes? Contact Bob WØGAF

February Sky Warn Class will be held Feb. 22nd 2014 at the Stillwater Library

Spring Technician Classes starts Feb. 27th (6 p.m.) and continues every Thursday night thru Apr. 17th 2014.

Activities and Programs & Events: Dave (W0OXB)

Thursday night eye ball QSO Party/ training session at the Stillwater Public Library @ 6:00 CST.

160 meter (1.903 mhz) Round –Robin Rag Chews – 8:00 pm CST, except Tue & Thur.

Member Assistance Program (MAP) – Activities.

Digital Net –  Joe KCØOIO, 2 Meter Net – Rick KØBR

Digi Net-  Sunday evenings -7:00 CST

3.582. 15Mhz. – USB – BPSK63. 2m check – in 147.06 Mhz. / +offset tone 114.8hz

2 Meter Net- Wednesday night 9:00 CST. 147.06Mhz / + offset tone 114.8hz.

Repeter Update-  Henry KØHAS   No action required.

DX Update-  Mike NØDOK

ARES/Emergency Communications-  John KAØHYR

Handihams & News Letter-  Pat WAØTDA

New Business & Special Presentations:

Ed Lawson W0DIR – Handiham Donation

Release to Listen Award- Joe Heitzinger was presented with the award by Keith AGØH.

Elections will be held at next month general meeting Jan. 11th 2014.

Respectfully submitted, Dan Lee ADØDV SARA Secretary  (The preceding information came from the Meeting Agenda as no notes were taken.)