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BOARD MEETING MINUTES – November 20, 2014

Stillwater Amateur Radio Association

1618 Pine Street West

Stillwater, MN 55082


President Peter NØGRM presiding

Meeting called to order at 5:58 PM

Officers present Peter NØGRM, Joe KCØOIO, John N5JLZ, Shel, NØDRX

Secretary’s Report – Steve KAØOBI (Joe KCØOIO acting in Steve’s absence)

Minutes for October 16, 2014 Board Meeting were read and approved as published.

Treasurer’s Report – John N5JLZ

Beginning Balance      10/1/2014       $3918.74
Income:                                               $630.00
Expenses:                                            $195.40
Ending Balance           10/31/2014     $4353.34
John reports total dues for 2015 and beyond collected since October 1st of $910.00. Treasurer’s Report approved as presented.

Activities/Events & MAP – Dave WØOXB (Dave absent, /7)

December – Dan Fish KBØXC– Radio City
January – Election of Officers and SWEEP SARA White Elephant Exchange Party
Ideas for Feb thru May 2015 include Skip KSØJ and Greg KØGW w/ ARRL update, Pat WAØTDA on Remote Station Operations, Mike NØODK on Fun With DX

Ice Fishing Shack Portable Special Event
Tentative dates of February 14-16, 2015
Possible location of Goose Lake, Scandia, MN
More details from Dave WØOXB when he returns from his trip.

Education & Training – Bob WØGAF (absent)
No report – General classes were cancelled
VE Session Nov 13 – Shel NØDRX: no examinees appeared for testing

Newsletter – Pat WAØTDA (absent)
Pat sent e-mail to Peter NØGRM to remind all that newsletter submissions would be appreciated as early as possible. Board suggested deadline of Nov 30 for December newsletter.

Unfinished Business

Peter NØGRM inquired about the electronic voting process that has been implemented for officer elections in the past. Joe KCØOIO and Shel NØDRX covered the process for those not familiar with past practice. Dues current members are sent an e-mail listing the candidates and they can complete and then submit their ballot to a blind e-mail address. There is also the opportunity to vote in person at the January meeting, however only one ballot will be counted.

Slate of officers: as of this meeting the following have candidates have stepped forward:
President:        Joe Heitzinger KCØOIO
Vice President:
Secretary:        Steve Bonine KAØOBI
Treasurer:       John Zuercher N5JLZ
Director (odd year seat, 2 yr term):
Shel NØDRX passed around a list of possible candidates he prepared back on Oct 2013. Joe KCØOIO will contact some of those on the list to encourage them to consider running for office.

New Business

  1. Boutwells Appreciation Gift – Shel NØDRX reminded the Board of the past practice of presenting 4 poinsettia plants to Boutwells as a token of our appreciation for their support every year. Motion to authorize Shel to spend up to $100.00 for plants for Boutwells made by Joe KCØOIO, seconded by Peter NØGRM. Motion carried.
  1. Shel NØDRX advised that our club liability insurance will be due in December. A renewal notice has not been received yet. Motion to pay insurance renewal when due made by Joe KCØOIO, seconded by Shel NØDRX. Motion carried.
  1. Joe KCØOIO has been printing SARA ID badges for a few years now. Joe requested the club consider supplying a set of ink cartridges for his printer. Motion to spend $60 for cartridges made by Shel NØDRX, seconded by Peter NØGRM. Motion carried.
  1. Joe KCØOIO suggested applying for a PODXS 070 Club number for the club call WØJH. There is no cost, submission of log with at least 50 PSK contacts with 1 confirmed is required. Discussion by the Board led to agreement to pursue. Joe KCØOIO will handle.
  1. Keith AGØH suggested that the Board finalize selection of an official logo. Discussion by the Board regarding the logo that Trisha Howard created for the new website as well as being used on ID badges and Peter’s agendas. Motion to adopt the SARA Logo prepared by Trisha Howard as the official Club Logo made by John N5JLZ, seconded by Shel NØDRX. Motion carried.
  1. Keith AGØH suggested that SARA explore acquiring coffee mugs with SARA logo for sale to members and to use as tokens of appreciation for presenters and special guests at SARA meeting or events. Discussion by the Board followed. Keith will gather additional information such as sources and pricing for the next Board meeting.
  1. John N5JLZ noted that he will be at the Oak Park Heights City Hall on January 2nd, 2015 to secure the facilities at Autumn Hills Park for the 2015 Field Day with the required deposit and alcoholic beverage permit fees.
  1. Keith AGØH inquired about website access for backup and archival purposes. Peter NØGRM will discuss this with our website designer Trisha Howard to determine the best way to proceed.

Motion to adjourn made, seconded and carried at 6:57 PM.


Minutes prepared by Joe Heitzinger KCØOIO, November 21, 2014