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Board Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2014

Stillwater Amateur Radio Association Board meeting Minutes.

1618 Pine Street West, Stillwater; Minnesota 55082

May 15, 2014.


Meeting called to order by Peter (NØGRM) at 6:02 pm.

Officers present: Peter (NØGRM), Dave (WØ0XB), Joe (KCØOIO),
Shel (NØDRX).


Secretary’s Report

  • Peter read April meeting minutes while soliciting input from the board. Peter will update minutes and upload to the website.  Board motioned to amend as corrected.
  • Board accepted Dan’s resignation – Motion made by Peter, seconded by Joe – all approved.
  • Motion to accept Steve’s (KAØOBI) offer to be interim Secretary until the next general meeting when the position can be voted on by the general membership.  Motion was made by Joe to accept and was seconded by Shel – board approved.

Treasurer’s Report – John (N5JLZ) not present


Beginning Balance:    4/1/2014          $ 4089.38

Income:                                            $ 208.80

Expenses:                                        $ 272.52

Ending Balance:         4/30/2014        $ 4025.66


  • Treasurer’s report as presented in May General meeting approved by board.
  • The board agreed that the Treasurer’s reports will only be viewable by those on the board and the report presented during a general meeting will only show before, income, expenses and after detail.


Activities/ Events Report – Dave (WØ0XB)

  • Agreed to discuss details around Field day after the board meeting.



Education and Training – Bob (WØGAF) not present

  • Education – General license class meeting tentatively set for September / October.  Bob will arrange.


Report of Special/Ad hoc Committees

  • Dave expressed that the newsletter went well from the construction standpoint.  Getting text in notepad format (.txt) and photos attached separately helped production.
  • Next newsletter is September – would appreciate content two weeks before general meeting, by August 29th.


Unfinished Business

  • Board discussed how to address $12.75 additional cost due to increased shipping costs.  Joe made motion for club to absorb the cost this time – Shel seconded – motion passed.
  • Looking forward, Peter and John will evaluate current order to better estimate shipping costs in the future – Peter to contact John to get specific order information.



New Business

  • Shel raised the question around books for training classes – club had made commitment to replace expired technician book in the Stillwater library.  Dave made a motion we buy the necessary number of books, Joe seconded – board approved.


7:02 – Peter motioned to adjourn, Joe seconded.


Meeting minutes reported and submitted by Peter Howard (NØGRM)