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BOARD MEETING MINUTES – January 16, 2014

President Peter Howard NØGRM called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

Secretary’s Report: Dan (ADØDV)  Meeting started at 6:01 pm. Present was Shel (NØDRX) Joe (KCØOIO), Dave (WØOXB), Henry (KØHAS), John (N5JLZ), Bill (KDØOTB).

We have a quorum. A Motion to approve December  minutes by Dan, second by Shel –passes as amended.

Treasurer Report:  Shel (NØDRX)

     Starting Balance: $4628.20

Subtract $117.00 for publisher software and add $100.00 Dues paid

     Ending  Balance: $4590.38

Membership Status as of January:  There are 72 members (65 regular members & 7 associate members).

Activities & Events: Dave (WØOXB)

February/March/April/May programs as follows:

February- Steve (KAØOBI) will talk about his year in Antarctica- life and operating.

March- Mike (NØODK) talk about Vietnam DXpedition.

April- Keith (AGØH) , Joe (KCØOIO) and Bob (WØGAF) will discuss FREEDV (digital voice over HF) and DStar.

May- (WØOXB) discussed possibly having a program on Mobile installation/operation.

Ice Station WØJH will be on February 15th and 16th (Presidents Day week) at Hay Lake.  Contact Dave , Joe, Bob, or Dan for info.

The shelter at Split Rock Lighthouse has been rented for this year. Oct 31st-to-Nov. 2nd 2014.

The MNQSO party will be on Saturday, February 1st.  Anyone with ideas as to our Club involvement please contact Dave.

Education and training: Bob (WØGAF) Extra Class/ Tech Class following Sky Warn Training Saturday February 22nd at Stillwater library at 10am-3pm. Tech class starts Thursday the 27th

Joe and Bob will run both study classes at the same time as the Eyeball Meeting starting on the 13th of February at 6:00pm.

 Digital Net:  Joe (KCØOIO) Sunday at 19:00 hours local time 3582.15 for PSK 63 and second Sunday for PSK-31.

Newsletter  Committee:   BoardOfficers were reminded that the deadline for newsletter submissions is two weeks  before the Membership meeting.

Repeater update:  Henry (KØHAS)  The repeater is working well.

New Business:

Appointment of Shel as Club Trustee.

Motion by Joe-Second by Dan , passes.

Review SARA Officers roles:

President- Peter NØGRM

Vice-President- Joe KCØOIO

Secretary- Dan ADØDV

Treasurer- John N5JLZ

Director 1- Dave WØOXB

Director 2- Bob WØGAF

Club Trustee- Shel NØDRX

Field Day – 3rd weekend in June-28th & 29th at Autumn Hills, Oak Park heights. (same as last year).  Moved by Dan second by Shel.

Next board meeting will be Thursday,  February 20th, 2014.

Motion to adjourn by Dan seconded by Shel –passes at 19:28pm


Respectfully submitted,


SARA Secretary