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BOARD MEETING MINUTES – February 27, 2014

Secretary’s Report: Dan (ADØDV)  Meeting started  at 6:02 pm. Present was Peter (NØGRM), Shel (NØDRX) , Dave (WØOXB), Henry (KØHAS), John (N5JLZ),  Dan ADØDV. We have a quorum.

Motion to approve minutes by Dan Second by Shel –passes as amended: Grant Associate membership to Mayor Rudy up in White Rock SD.

Treasurer Report: John (N5JLZ)       Beginning Balance 1/1/2014     $ 4628.21

     Income:                       $140.00

     Expenses:                    $ 259.98

                                                                                  Ending Balance ……………………….$ 4508.23

     Income and Expense Data:     $140.00 Dues

Income:  $ 140.00

     Expenses:             $ 117.83   -Dave bought Publisher software

$100.00  – Oak Park Heights

$ 15.00    – Alcohol use permit,Field Day.

$ 15.85      – Deluxe Check, new checks (Bank charge).

$ 11:30       –  Postage, Laptop Donation.

Total Expenses ……………$259.98

Membership Status:  We have 75 members (68 regular members and 7 associate members).

Activities & Events: Dave (WØOXB) March/April/May programs as follows:

March- Mike (NØODK) talks about Vietnam DX expedition.

April- Keith AGØH, Joe KCØOIO and Bob WØGAF  will discuss FREEDV (digital voice for HF) and DStar.

May- WØOXB –  There was talk with no commitment to have a hands-on program covering Mobile installation/operation, and an operations and general skills session to help get new hams ready for upcoming Field Day.

Recap of Ice Station event. Thanked Pat WAØTDA for the use of the HandiHam radio.A total of  489 contacts were made.

A show and tell was discussed for eye balls on Thursdays.

The shelter at Split Rock Lighthouse has been rented for this year. Oct 31st-to-Nov. 2nd 2014.

Education and Training: Bob (WØGAF)  Tech class  is going well.

Joe and Bob will run the study classes at the same time as the Eyeball meetings on Thursdays  at 6:00pm.

Digital Net:  Joe (KCØOIO) Sunday at 19:00 hours local time 3582.15 for PSK 63 and second Sunday for PSK-31, (note that lower sideband Dan and Joe).

Newsletter Committee:  Deadline for newsletter is 2 (two) weeks before Membership meeting.

Repeater Committee:  Repeater is working well.

New business. The meeting minutes will be available to Board members, and not editable.  There was a motion by Peter and a second by Dan:   The board members will have access to board and meetings minutes in a non editable form. All e-mail correspondence as a Word document will be sent back to Secretary and if nothing is heard he will assume they are approved. The motion was passed.

SARA was noted as an affiliated ARES club.  (A MOA was signed with ARES in February of 2012.)

The clothing order will be solicited by Dan and will be submitted by the end of March so we have something by Field Day June 28th.

Motion to spend up to $600.00 for event tent (s) and heaters. Motion Rescinded. Dave will do more research.

Trisha Howard gave us an insight on the new web page she designed for the club.  It looks great and was a lot of work. We look forward to seeing and using the finished product.


Motion to adjourn by Peter seconded by John – passes 7:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


SARA Secretary