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Stillwater Amateur Radio Association

This was a Zoom online meeting.

Roll Call of Officers – Present:  Joe KCØOIO, Bob WØGAF, Brad VE3MXJ, Shel NØDRX, Brian KØPU; absent: Dave KØAIF, Dave N9JNQ.  A quorum was present.

President: Joe KCØOIO

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by Joe KCØOIO.

Secretary’s Report – Dave N9JNQ

Dave N9JNQ is out of town this evening.  The April Membership Meeting minutes are up and available on the website.  This Board meeting is being recorded and will be transcribed when Dave returns.

​​Treasurer’s Report – Dave KØAIF

Dave KØAIF is out of town for the week.  The treasurer’s report as presented at the April 13 Membership Meeting is as follows:

Beginning Total Balance:   03/01/2024     $17,894.63

  • SARA

Balance:                                                   $6,555.56

Income:                                                   $120.00

Expenses:                                                $83.49

Ending Balance:     03/31/2024         $6,592.07

  • RBF

Balance:                                                 $10,998.55

Income:                                                  $0.00

Expenses:                                               $414.00

Ending Balance: 03/31/2024        $10,584.55

Ending Total Balance: 03/31/2024       $17,176.62

Trustee’s Report – Shel NØDRX

Nothing to report.

Reports of Standing Committees:

Activities & Events:  Dave WØOXB & Bob WØGAF

Dave WØOXB is unavailable this evening, but provided Joe KCØOIO with notes regarding special events.

Ice Station WØJH – Nothing to report.

Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Special Event – This will be the 20th activation of the special event.  The coordinating group includes Bob WØGAF, Joe KCØOIO, Shel NØDRX, Brian KØPU, and Brian KB9TBB.  The next step is to schedule a planning group session.  Dave WØOXB asks whether anyone has ideas as to what we could add/change to the event this year, such as teaching moments, etc.  September 1 is the deadline for publication of the event in QST.

Father George Metcalf WØJH Special Event – Dave WØOXB has a telephone call scheduled for this coming Friday with the Belwin Conservancy Center Director to discuss the event.  Jim KIØB and Buck KA9CWM have volunteered to participate in the planning of the event; both are also volunteers at Belwin, so are familiar with the grounds.

White Rock Tri-State Special Event – Dave WØOXB has suggested that the special event take place sometime in early September this year.  Dave has had a telephone conversation with Mayor Rudy, who welcomed SARA’s return.  Dave has also talked about the event with Randy KDØVKB.  Dave is looking for a couple of volunteers to help coordinate the event.

Field Day 2024 – Tim KFØJEL and Ray KFØEKD are co-chairs of the event.  There will be site planning in conjunction with the June 6 eyeball at Valley View Park.  Tim reported that he and Ray visited the park after the April Membership meeting to do some site reconnaissance.  Tim noted that operating the SSB station in the pavilion is quite noisy due to the visiting that takes place within the pavilion and suggested that we set up a separate tent or shelter to operate SSB.  The SSB antenna would be roughly in the same location as last year; the CW antenna would be moved to the other end of the south parking lot, parallel to the path, so it would be perpendicular with the SSB antenna.  Discussion was had about a location for the Get On The Air (“GOTA”) station.  It was suggested that perhaps in the southwest corner of the parking lot, where Brian KØPU set up last year, would be preferable.  Online measurements show that all club station equipment would be within the required 1000-foot radius.  Further discussion regarding location of the GOTA station can take place outside of the Board Meeting.  Shel NØDRX did get our Field Day event up on the spotting map this week.

Tim reports that John KE9D has volunteered to coordinate the grilling; Ray was going to meet with John later this week to further discuss it.  Brian KØPU noted that he will cover the hot dogs.  It was clarified that the club does have a beverage permit for the two-day event and that the permit does cover all alcoholic beverages.

2024 SARA POTA Challenge – Bob WØGAF has nothing new to report since the Membership Meeting, although the website will be updated with the March numbers.  This weekend is the support your park weekend as well as the Ontario QSO Party.

On Air Activities – The on-air activities are doing fine.  Bob WØGAF reported that he will not be available to be net control for the Sunday Night Digital Net through May, but will talk to Zack AAØU to see if he can fill the role, as he did this past Sunday.

Education and Training – Bob WØGAF

Bob WØGAF reports that the last session of the Technician class is this week, tomorrow.  Bob will be there.   Bob knows of four people from the class that plan to test at the upcoming VE session, as well as one other person who has contacted Bob about attending.  Bob will ask at the class tomorrow who is interested in testing at the session.  They have been getting around ten students consistently in the class week-to-week.  Joe KCØOIO knows of at least one person who will be taking the Amateur Extra exam, and possibly another person as well.

Bob reports that we will now need to think of getting the fall General license class on the calendar so that Dan KEØIYF can start looking into room reservations.

VE Team – Shel NØDRX

The next VE session is scheduled for April 25, 2024.  Shel NØDRX has sent an email to the VEs who expressed an interest in participating in the session.

Reports of Work Groups:

Website:  Collin KEØIYN & Bob WØGAF

As Collin KEØIYN had reported earlier, our website host Midphase had announced that they were changing from the cPanel interface for management of the website to another panel type.  While it was expected to be accomplished by now, Collin reports that nothing as changed on the website, it still referring to cPanel in the administrative control interface.

Collin noted that he would like to discuss in the future the possible redesign and updating of the website.  Possibly this fall would be a good time to take a look at it.

Remote Bases Technical Committee – Pat WAØTDA

Joe KCØOIO noted that the WØJH remote station was off-line today.


To be discussed under Unfinished Business

Repeater – Shel N0DRX, Henry K0HAS, Doug N9TOW

Nothing to report.

Member Assistance Programs

Dave WØOXB advised Joe KCØOIO that several members are getting equipment together to put together antennas.  Volunteers will be needed to help with installation for those who need help.  It was mentioned that the Program is trying to get away fro putting up every antenna and instead help folks do-it-themselves, although actual installation assistance will still available for those who need/ask for it.

For the New Ham Resources activities, the loaner equipment is presently at the QTH of Collin KEØIYN.  Brian KØOU asked if Collin would be willing to be the permanent repository for the equipment as Brian is often out of town and unavailable for connecting with folks interested in loaner equipment.  Brian stated that he has tried to put the burden on the borrower to come to him to pick up the equipment rather than serving as a deliveryman.  Collin stated that he was more than willing to take on that role as he is often working from home and has plenty of storage space to maintain the equipment.  Brian and Collin will talk further tomorrow night at the Thursday Eyeball as Collin has some ideas he would like to discuss.  Joe will put Collin on the list as one of the contacts for the New Ham Resource Group.  Thanks much Collin!

Meetings & Programs – Radios in the Park

Joe KCØOIO reported that Radios in the Park will begin May 16, which will be New Ham Night at Valley View Park.  Every third week Eyeball will be at Valley View, which will be May 16, June 6 & 27, July 18; August 6 & 29.  June 6 will be the Field Day site recon night at Valley View Park.  The other dates will take place at other parks around the area through September 12.  There are plenty of park options out there.  There will be no Eyeball on Thursday July 4.

MN Parks On The Air Day June 8, 2024Joe KCØOIO reported he had a table at Midwinter Madness Hamfest on March 23 in Buffalo, MN to advertise the event.  As a side benefit, three new folks signed up as SARA members, and one member renewed.  He is also attending and having a table at the Arrowhead Amateur Radio Club Superior Hamfest scheduled for May 4.  Tim KFØJEL mentioned that he is thinking of going to the Brainerd Hamfest next week and so might be able to man a table at that event on behalf of SARA.

Unfinished Business:

SARA Club Equipment Inventory – The inventory is ongoing.  Joe KCØOIO noted that we will need Pat WAØTDA to take a look at the remote base inventory as some equipment may be listed twice due to the move to WØJH in Hayward, WI.

Remote Base Relocation Purchases– Joe KCØOIO noted that Dave WØOXB is providing Brian KB9TBB with some chokes to try to help the WØJH station get on 160 meters.

SARA Signals Newsletter – Joe KCØOIO welcomed Dale NØVXH as the new editor of the Newsletter.  Dale actually volunteered for multiple responsibilities, but the Newsletter is probably enough for the time being.  Joe noted that the Newsletter does not have to be monthly, but rather can be quarterly, bi-monthly, whatever works for Dale.  Bob WØOXB has notes from the recent in-person and online forum where the future of the Newsletter was discussed and will provide them to Dale.

Dale noted that he is thinking of a quarterly edition, but if the content is there then it could be published more often.  He is aiming for September as the first issue.

Joe noted that in the past Pat would provide Joe with the newsletter, and then Joe would load it up on the SARA website and send an email out with a link to all members.  It is probably preferable to cut Joe out as the middleman and give Dale access to the website so he could post it himself.  Collin made himself available to Dale as the technical advisor.  As Joe noted, Collin has had some ideas has to how to take advantage of some of the website capabilities for publishing the Newsletter.

W0JH Repeater Manager Position – Joe KCØOIO will try to reconnect with our possible recruit to see if he still has some interest.

MNPOTA Meetup -Last year SARA sponsored a MNPOTA day Meetup, and the club will be doing the same this year tentatively scheduled for August 10.  Joe KCØOIO noted that we will need to come up with a location, hopefully one that does not cost anything.  Two options are: 1) between Ramsey and Elk River at the wayside rest along the Mississippi River at the west end of the Mississippi River Recreation Area; and 2) in West St. Paul at Cherokee Park on the river bluff.  With the latter, there may be resistance from some of the out-staters in having to drive in to the city.  More discussion will take place off-line.

New Business

New Ham Night -New ham night will take place Thursday May 16 at Valley View Park in Oak Park Heights.  A planning session will take place Thursday May 2 in-person and via Zoom.  Bob WØGAF will publicize the New Ham Night at the last Technician License Class tomorrow night as well as by email to the class participant list.

Bob WØGAF made a motion to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by Shel NØDRX; the motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:28 PM.