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Date(s) - 02/15/2014 - 02/17/2014
All Day

Ice Station WØJH/Ø


How ‘bout going out on a mid-February weekend, setting up antennas and operating a station from on a frozen lake? Sound like fun?! (Yes, we’ve done this before back in 2004 on Lake Mille Lacs.)

A “crack” special events team, consisting of Bob (WØGAF), Dan (ADØDV) and Dave (WØOXB), has been commissioned with making this work. These guys, while soliciting the help of others, are coordinating all of the event’s logistics including – but not limited to – organizing shelter, power, food/drink, erecting antennas, hooking-up radio equipment and scheduling operators. The station will be located on Hay Lake (near Scandia), in Dan’s “back forty”. There is no public access to the lake.

According to Dave (WØOXB), “Unfortunately this event is not for everyone. The somewhat remote nature of the location, means this is not handicap-accessible so attendees must be able-bodied folks capable of withstanding a 500’ trek thru plowed snow to get to the lake. We need some rugged volunteers willing to brave cold WX to help with necessary physical activities – in addition to operating the radio gear.” Still sound like fun?!

If you are a hearty individual and wish to participate, contact Bob, Dan or Dave right away. Space is limited so the event is planned on a “first come” basis. More info will be available at meetings and posted on our web site.

Important: Visitors are certainly welcome to attend but for liability insurance reasons, all scheduled participants must be 2014 SARA members.